Academy foruser of Evolio

Watch interesting videos and learn how to use Evolio effectively. You also have webinar records.

Are you starting with Evolio? look at the Academy

In a series of short videos, you will learn how to start working in Evolio.

Looking for an inspiration ? Take a look at the webinars

Interesting webinar topics will give you room to learn something new. Unlike short videos, we pay more attention to the overall view of the issue.

Working with the Registry

Webinar in which you will learn how to use the possibilities of the Registry Office.
You will learn how to link your data and email to Evolio, effectively assign mail to files or set access rights for all users. Finally, we will not miss interesting functions and tips for better work!


A webinar in which we focus on the somewhat mysterious Automation module, which is included in premium license packages. Find out how to improve the operation of your law firm thanks to the automation of processes and routine activities and how to apply automation also in the area of receivables!

Working with the document templates

A webinar dedicated to frequently used document templates. It focuses on working with printing parameters that have a wide range of functions and are key to creating templates. You will learn that templates have their use in documents, emails and SMS messages and that they will save you a lot of work!