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V sérii krátkých videí se dozvíte, jak začít pracovat v Evoliu.

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Zajímavá témata webinářů vám dají prostor dozvědět se něco nového. Na rozdíl od krátkých videí se věnujeme více celkovému pohledu na danou problematiku.

Webinar: Work with receivables step by step

Are you using all the options offered by Podatelna?

Important features for effective teamwork

A webinar in which we showed you how Evolio supports teamwork. You learned more about user teams, working with tasks, team mail processing. They recalled the most important permissions and what Evolio Power Reporting offers in this area.

Linking Evolio to services and registries of interest

A webinar in which you will learn what options Evolio offers for linking to various registries and services. Remind yourself what's available to you and discover new options that will make your job easier in the future! News you may not have known about is also mentioned.

Reporting – Practical tips and tricks

A webinar focusing on practical information and tips on reporting in Evolio. You will learn two strategies for reporting the amount, the practical use of flat rates, the use of advance invoices and how to account for them in the statement.

New Real Estate File module

Webinar that will introduce you to the new Real Estate File module. Find out how to use this module to your advantage and thus facilitate the registration of attorney custody associated with the sale of real estate.

The issue of rights – keep your rights and privileges in order

A webinar that will help you delve deeper into user rights and roles and find out how to put your rights and privileges in order! We will focus on legal roles, setting rights in the Registry, in the file, rights for billing and invoicing, and in the end you will not miss tips and tricks (auditing changes).

Job reporting – how to invoice to the maximum

A webinar in which we will show you how to use recent innovations to maximize job reporting. We will introduce you, for example, changes in the reporting of the lawyer's tariff, how to receive the statement by email, as well as a new billing function as more companies.

Task – a lawyer’s best friend

Webinar in which we showed you the most interesting functions when working with tasks in Evolio, both for beginners and experienced. They looked not only at working with assignments for an independent lawyer, but also for the team, and we also went through the process of approving assignments, their automatic and mass creation, and last but not least, email notifications.

Reporting today and tomorrow!

A webinar in which we focus on the news that work reporting brings.
In addition to the changes, you will learn the basic procedures for reporting work, then billing it, and how to create and manage an invoice. Finally, there are also answers to your most frequently asked questions about reporting.

News and tips for January 2021

Webinar in which we discuss in detail the news implemented in Evolio
in January 2021. You will learn about changes related to the work report, tasks, deposits or work with the Post Office. You will learn about new features such as processing ZFO files, the ability to back up documents and more!