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Are you starting with Evolio? look at the Academy

In a series of short videos, you will learn how to start working in Evolio.

Looking for an inspiration ? Take a look at the webinars

Interesting webinar topics will give you room to learn something new. Unlike short videos, we pay more attention to the overall view of the issue.

Invoice labels and other new features in version 2022.1.6

Another summer wave of gadgets is here. We're not talking about the sea, but the Evolio system for law firms that can start using 6 new features. Like labels on invoices, converting images by clicking on PDFs, better labeling of mailing addresses,...

Important features for effective teamwork

A webinar in which we showed you how Evolio supports teamwork. You learned more about user teams, working with tasks, team mail processing. They recalled the most important permissions and what Evolio Power Reporting offers in this area.

Real estate registration and better reporting in Evolio 2022.1.4

Evolio brings a lot of changes and the main one is the real estate records for real estate files. But we're definitely not done with that, we have more! New layout of the statement of work with functions, rights for signing certificates, export of billing to Excel,...

Linking Evolio to services and registries of interest

A webinar in which you will learn what options Evolio offers for linking to various registries and services. Remind yourself what's available to you and discover new options that will make your job easier in the future! News you may not have known about is also mentioned.

Did you miss the spring cleaning in Evolio?

Whether you've been working with Evolio for a short time or longer, it's best to get it in order once in a while. Spring is almost over, so now is the time! In this article, we give you some tips on what to look for and how to best deal with the mess.

We have defended the ISO certificate of cyber security

After a year, we underwent a repeated ISO 27001 audit, this time including a security penetration test.

Reporting – Practical tips and tricks

A webinar focusing on practical information and tips on reporting in Evolio. You will learn two strategies for reporting the amount, the practical use of flat rates, the use of advance invoices and how to account for them in the statement.

Evolio 2022.1 is released with a completely redesigned chassis and higher safety

The first version in 2022 brings a big change against the background of Evolio. So you can work even faster and safer.

How the survey among Evolio users turned out

We bring you the results of an annual survey among our users. Are you interested in how they evaluate Evolio's help with unnecessary administration, the functions themselves or customer support? See for yourself!

New Real Estate File module

Webinar that will introduce you to the new Real Estate File module. Find out how to use this module to your advantage and thus facilitate the registration of attorney custody associated with the sale of real estate.