The Automation module simplifies the work

Get rid of your routine tasks, standardize processes and improve the monitoring of all important deadlines. Evolio's automation will help you with that! It will increase work productivity, manage the advocacy agenda and, as a bonus, reduce a number of risks.

Transparency and new possibilities

Our innovative automation module offers new possibilities exactly to the taste of our clients . Unlike built-in functions, our automation scenarios are fully configurable. It only depends on you how much you can make the functioning of the legal agenda more pleasant and simpler.

The big advantage is detailed transparency, where the set scenarios visualize the entire course of automation. Thanks to this, everything is easy to understand even for a regular user, and the company's management is no longer dependent solely on IT for the efficient management and functioning of the legal agenda.

Effective management of the legal agenda

The first and very important step in automation is a scenario that takes into account what needs to be done. It includes a rich range of conditions that start the next necessary steps in the desired direction to the full goal. A popular feature is time delays, which, for example, allow you to wait the required number of days and then check that the task has been completed.

Automation also handles the system of smart notifications, task generation and understands well with data messages and e-mails for the most efficient management of the legal agenda.

A reliable watchdog

The automation module also has a wide range of applications in receivables management , where it works reliably and decisions are made in a well-mapped process of the smooth functioning of the legal agenda.

In practice, automation will help you when importing data, including task generation, status changes, CEE lustration, etc. It is extremely reliable in repayment calendars, where it handles the monitoring of repayments and reminders , in the processing of pre-litigation summonses also within the EPR process and monitoring of the subsequent execution proceedings.

Technologie software pro advokátní kanceláře

Your data will be like in a vault

Automation also thinks of storing and backing up data for you. Thanks to the Evolio's cloud solution, even the most sensitive data is securely stored as in an impregnable vault. They do not travel unnecessarily through the virtual universe from system to system, and thanks to in-house solutions, they meet strict security standards .

Each phase of automation is documented through so-called auditing. This allows you to trace each run and view the progress of each scenario. This visualization allows you to see all the data that has been automated. And thanks to that, you are not in danger of black boxing when managing your legal agenda.

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