Webinar: let’s look at invoicing in Evolio

Are you using all the options offered by Podatelna?

Evolio a Instatus

Instatus is guarding Evolio!

Instatus is a new application that informs about the current status of the Evolio system and its parts. In the app, you will find a history of what has…

Evolio v advokátní kanceláři

Webinar: what Evolio Power Reporting can do

Learn how to filter data from Evolia. We will introduce you to bulk functions and show you how to combine reports with automation. We'll also dive into export…


We moved to the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre

We moved from the VŠB campus to MSIC, which is not just a modern office space, but a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for our growth!

Flexible pricing and other user improvements in Evoluio 2023.1.3

Based on feedback from our users, we're bringing new features and improvements to Evol, from the big news of Price Lists, escrow payouts on CAK, to…

Webinar: setting up companies in Evol, introducing Pricelists

In this webinar, we will look at the founding and transformation of the company. You can also look forward to a demonstration of document generation, e.g.…

Právník v zahradě

Artificial intelligence is here! Evolio 2023.1.2

With the integration of GPT-4 with Evoliem, we are at the forefront of technology innovation for law firms. Find out how it can help you too! Of course, we…