With Evolio, your data won’t end up in a black hole

In today's Internet world, personal data plays an indescribable role. At Evolio, we aim to keep client data securely covered and in one place. So you don't…

Právní software s elektronickým spisem i v kuchyni

Search for lawyer files using filtering and labels

Use lawyer file filters for an easy reference in their list. Label files with specific characteristics just as you like.

Software pro advokátní kanceláře Evolio - Právník roku

Evolio is the official partner of the Lawyer of the Year

We were there with you. We greet everyone who stopped at our booth.

Software pro advokátní kanceláře Evolio - Info o subjektu

Evolio 19.8. has been released.

List of news and fixes for version 19.8.