Práce s novou verzí Evolia

Evolio 2022.1 is released with a completely redesigned chassis and higher safety

The first version in 2022 brings a big change against the background of Evolio. So you can work even faster and safer.

Vyplňování dotazníku pro advokátní kanceláře

How the survey among Evolio users turned out

We bring you the results of an annual survey among our users. Are you interested in how they evaluate Evolio's help with unnecessary administration, the…

New Real Estate File module

Webinar that will introduce you to the new Real Estate File module. Find out how to use this module to your advantage and thus facilitate the registration of…

Evolio - 100 % růst

100% growth and further success. What was our year 2021 like?

Although last year was full of pitfalls associated with the coronavirus epidemic, it was a big leap forward for us. These are not just our successes in 2021.

moderní advokátní kancelář s Evoliem

Internal file and other news in version 21.5.2

Minor modifications before the big version are here! Would you like an internal law file, an estimate of the reported work for the current month, or better…

Zimní nadílka

Authorized EL conversion for MAC and other enhancements for Evolio 21.5.1

The January version brings several interesting and practical improvements that will warm up every Evolio user in this freezing weather.

Evolio - právnický software

The issue of rights – keep your rights and privileges in order

A webinar that will help you delve deeper into user rights and roles and find out how to put your rights and privileges in order! We will focus on legal roles,…