Data conversion options

The transition of the operation of the legal agenda from another system can be a big "scare" for responsible people in law firms. Importing data can speed up the transition and improve user adoption of the system for a law firm in the cloud.

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We facilitate the transition from another competing system by importing data. This is done by the so-called the import bridge. these have been created for the following systems:

Single Case

Import from the Single Case system is possible in two levels. The basic version transfers files with documents and activities to Evolio. The full version of the import can also transfer reported work, invoices and other details.

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Lawyer's file .

The import from Atlas Consulting transfers maximum information to Evolio. When importing, the data is converted and laid out into Evolio structures.

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The import can transfer attorney file and claims data from Synopsis. Again, this is a complex import that tries to transfer as much information as possible.

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Importing files from the Kleos system in basic form. The files and all their essential parts are imported. Official support for Czech Kleos users is over. Don't hesitate a minute to switch and secure your future.

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How do we work on imports

Transparency is important to us. We will start with a meeting to demonstrate the functions and processes used in the original system.

The next step varies depending on whether it is using an existing import bridge or creating a custom import.

Once the data transfer is complete, we'll take care of you with a training package that will teach your office how to work efficiently in Evolio. Any of you can be a lawyer in the cloud.

Other competitor systems

Of course, we also offer help with the transition from other systems. In this case, the import will take a little longer because the data and processes must be correctly placed in the new system.

Importing from Excel, XML

There is an import module for simple imports from Excel spreadsheets or XML for a lawyer in the cloud. It is mainly used for bulk import of files or claims.

The advantage of the import module is the ability to configure the import definition using the so-called. mapping. The principle is simple - for a given column in the imported table, you assign a field name in Evolio.

Using the importer, data can not only be created, but also repeatedly updated.

Import bridge for client's data

Law firms working with larger clients need to import the transmitted data. In normal cases, Evolio's Importer is enough for them.

If it is necessary to connect to the client system via API or the transmitted data cannot be read by Importerm, a customized import bridge is the way to go. It can not only download data, but can also handle bi-directional synchronization.

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