Electronic Lawyer's File

The electronic file is the cornerstone of the lawyer's agenda. At one hand, it must be clear and at the same time it must be able to fulfil a number of functions and requirements for the management of law files, which are brought about by the digital transformation of the state administration and advocacy as such.

What are Your expectations?

The right law firm file management software must assist a law firm in several key areas. EVOLIO will take care of the complete service in this way.

Elimination of unnecessary routine work

Unlike its paper form, the electronic file should be more interactive. Ideally, it should be able to check the status of the proceedings in court or automatically place the data message in the case file. Users are thus not burdened with unnecessary routine procedures.

Everything in one place at a glance

If everything is to run smoothly in a law firm, users need clear and understandable information in the law file. This not only saves them time, but also prevents unnecessary mistakes and oversights.

Maximising returns on file

To ensure a decent income, a law firm needs not only to work efficiently, but also to report the maximum work done in a given file. It is therefore necessary to simplify and preferably automate reporting for users as much as possible.

Good data security in the file

Nowadays, it is also necessary to strictly control access to files and to make sure that data is as secure as possible against loss or theft. An electronic law file must not be an open book available to all.

Timeline of the electronic file

The basis of good clarity in attorney file filing is a timeline that contains the entire history of the file. In it, the user can see email and data communication, tasks, other activities and tasks. The timeline can be easily filtered (e.g. only on incoming data messages).

Working with the documents

Part of the lawyer's file management is a full-fledged DMS (document management system), which includes document versioning, full-text search and a set of functions such as conversion to PDF and signing with a certificate.
The connection with MS Office is also important. Documents are opened from Evolio directly into Word and automatically saved as a new revision after editing. Documents can be sent by email or data message or forwarded as a letter with one click. The dispatch is then registered in the file and the dispatched mail.

Reporting and

The billing of the lawyer's work file in Evolio is handled in a wide range, both in hourly rate, lump sum or according to the attorney's tariff.. Time reporting is very easy for the user and available anywhere from Evolio.
An essential function is the automation of reporting. Evolio monitors the user as they work and suggests what other activities they should record when reporting. This feature allows for retroactive completion of work reports and significantly increases the amount of work reported when maintaining attorney files.

Information from the registers

The files include the monitoring of changes from these registers:

  • InfoSoud
  • InfoJednání
  • Insolvency register
  • Public (Commercial) Register
  • Proceedings at the Land Register

The lawyer’s file is offered by the Central Register of Executions or the Non-Banking Register for the purpose of verification. Integrations also include the generation of EPRs and insolvency applications.

More integrations

File security

The protection of personal and sensitive data stored at Evolio is important to us, which is why we treat client data with great care.
We have devised a number of rights for the attorney file that can hide sensitive information. Clients don't need to know the total budget of the e-file or you can even hide entire files.

More about security

Mail in multiple ways

Of course, it is nowadays connected to an email account and a data box. Evolio can, for the most part, automatically assign mail to folders by tag or sender.
We also offer a Hybrid Mail service so you don't have to go to the post office anymore. With a few clicks, you send the letter via the lawyer's file to the Postservice of the Czech Post, which will take care of its printing and delivery. In Evolio, you will then have an automatically downloaded delivery slip and an updated delivery status with a click-through to track your shipment.

Smart templates and fields

Great work savings await users thanks to document and email templates. Evolio can enter any data from the electronic file. This eliminates routine typing and reduces the risk of error.
Related to this is the ability to expand the attorney file with custom tabs. For example, if you need to record the details of a real estate contract, you can easily create a tab with the necessary fields. Again, all data from custom tabs can be generated into documents.

Distribution of work

There is a sophisticated task system for teamwork and project management. These allow not only approval, but also user discussion or deadline tracking. Lawyer's file in Evolio also offers to send notifications in case of changes in tasks.
The timeline of the file shows all the activities carried out, users have a good overview of the current status and, above all, the head of the law firm does not have to go through the file for a long time to keep up to date.

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