The title of our post deceives the body a bit. In the new version, we mainly fix minor wrongs that our developers sometimes inflict on users. During development, we always try to estimate the most natural way used, but the practice sometimes goes elsewhere. During March and April, we had an intensive line of training, where we received sensational material and suggestions for fine-tuning and improvement directly from the users of Evolio .

The following list will be more detailed than the usual posts and is intended primarily for active Evolio users. Each of them should have a happy heart beat – if it doesn’t happen, contact us and we’ll do something about it;)

Convenient EPR editing

Automated electronic payment orders have been running in Evolio for a long time. Thanks to smart templates, it is not necessary to edit the generated pdf at all. But what if the templates are not tuned and you need to manually tweak the generated order? It used to be a bit daunting, so we added a convenient edit to Evolio, including the ability to save a pending order as a draft.

In the EPR, there were several other improvements concerning the pairing of incoming mail, the possibility of writing various data to the Facts, etc.

Data and email settings in a personal profile

Easy communication via email and data sheets is an important part of Evolio, however, users without administrator rights have not yet had the opportunity to connect their own email or data box with lawyer software (the administrator had to do it for them). A new option is now available directly in the user menu:

After clicking on the offer, the user automatically becomes the owner of the mail accounts and can add an email or a date stamp. At the bottom of the window you can set permissions, who has the right to see his mail in the section Post .

Changes in file documents

We have expanded the document menu with functions that were already in Evolio elsewhere. The option to send the document by email or data message has been added. You can click to convert it to PDF or sign it with a certificate.

On documents tab you can set the display type or sort method. But so far this setting has not been saved. This managed to bother some users. We have also corrected this small wrong.

Bulk delete mail

Clear your inbox in a few clicks. Highlight several messages in the report and the button is in the top bar Remove move to trash.

bulk removal

Financial item Interest – new options

  • You now have the option capitalize and enter it yourself. Check the option Enter manually , which stops the conversion and add the amount of interest to the adjacent field.

registration of interest

  • Automatic takeover maturity from the principal . If you have entered the due date of the principal, when entering a new interest item, this date is taken over as the starting date for its calculation.

acceptance of the due date

Ability to select the default sender for e-mails in the file

Small but quite important improvements. Until now, a fixed logic applied, which did not have to suit every law firm. Simply put, it is a question of whether the email from the file should be sent from the email of the logged-in user or from the common email box assigned in the case.

The new version of Evolio allows you to set this. You have to open it email box settings and there choose whether to be for the user Default . In this case, it will be preferred. It must still be the same email, as you can see in the example.

Changes in invoice generation

Invoice files are now generated with a more logical form name Faktura_2000000.pdf, Dobropis_4522225.pdf etc. And another good news is that we also generate invoices and bills they accelerated .

Improvements for beginners

Based on our training experience, we have tried to remove barriers for novice users. There have been a number of minor tweaks that mainly support an intuitive way of operating. Some procedures have also been unified.

Evolio more agile and tuned

In total, there were almost sixty changes. These include a number of minor changes and minor fixes, including the following:

  • Faster refresh ofEvolio : You may have noticed in recent weeks that opening a new bookmark or refresh is a bit faster in Evolio. We are gradually optimizing the speed and in the new version it should be even better.
  • Better file timeline updates
  • A more universal format for outgoing emails
  • Improvements to various error messages (eg why a record cannot be deleted)
  • Better display of outgoing mail emails
  • Minor improvements to billing and invoicing

To continue the list, see Detailed list of changes .