In Evolio with each version, we are getting closer to connecting with billing programs. We are also gradually incorporating the feedback of our users into working with invoices. Therefore, we have completely reworked the invoice editing and expanded its options.


Switch to new invoicing for technical reasons it must take place in two stages . The first one took place today, an additional version will be released at the beginning of next week to complete the transition. During this time, users will be slightly restricted in issuing invoices from the billing in the file. Below we will talk about the new recommended procedure, which is already fully operational.

How the invoice has changed

First of all, we adjusted invoice editing – has a new user interface (more similar to accounting programs). The good news is that simplicity remains: you make a one-click bill and a complete invoice a second click. It is not necessary to add anything to the invoice prepared in this way.

Billing and invoicing


Another important modification is the possibility of items in more VAT rates . The original simplified invoice did not allow this and it sometimes complicated users’ lives. In the attached example, you can see how the billing items are broken down into two VAT rates:

Billing invoice items


One was also added to the invoice very practical function . It is possible to set whether the entered price includes or without VAT. If the client has e.g. pay CZK 2,000 including VAT, so you no longer have to recalculate how much it is without VAT.

VAT conversion for Evolio - software for lawyers


How to use billing correctly

Creating a statement directly in the electronic file uses an older form, to which you must add the reported work and costs. The recommended procedure is to use the section Billing, in which you see a list of unbilled works and their sums according to clients. Here you make a complete bill with one click (as in the example at the beginning of this article).


What we are preparing in future versions

  • In the upcoming version, which will be released in early July, they will be flat rates and invoicing per client .
  • Faster generating invoices (we have already bought a new component).
  • A more modern type of billing will be created directly from the file.
  • We are still preparing export invoices to several invoicing programs . Gradually, iDoklad, Fakturoid, Pohoda and Money S3 will be added.

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