In today’s fast-paced world of technology and software, it’s important to stay at the forefront of innovation and not fall asleep. One of the most interesting recent breakthroughs is undoubtedly the advent of artificial intelligence (e.g. Chat GPT), which brings not only great results but also some challenges such as data protection. In our latest release of Evolia 2023.1.2, we have focused on a few key areas that not only improve productivity but also make our users’ daily work easier. From Evolio status updates, to more efficient task list handling, to improved user productivity detail. Let’s take a closer look at everything!

The rise of GPT-4: Patience yields amazing results in AI

One of the latest breakthroughs the world is talking about today is Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT, which we now integrate directly into your emails in Evol. How does it work?

Imagine receiving an email from a client or colleague. When you want to respond, our AI assistant with GPT-4 will examine the text of the email and offer you several possible responses from which you can choose the most appropriate one. These draft replies are not just generic phrases, but are actually tailored to the content of your incoming email, saving you time and effort in formulating a reply.

Although the GPT-4 offers great results and can greatly improve your communications, its response can be slower at times. This is due to the current performance and capacity of the servers running Chat GPT – expect a response time of 10-30 seconds. However, despite this small detail, the resulting quality of the responses that GPT-4 generates is truly impressive. The integration of GPT-4 into email communication opens up new possibilities and standards in digital communication. You no longer rely on your own skills and time to answer, but have an AI assistant by your side to help you be faster and more accurate in your answers.

AI Assistant is currently running in beta. If you are concerned about protecting your data, we have published an article on how GPT-4 handles data and you always have the option to turn off this integration in the settings.


If you encounter a problem, Instatus will inform you

One of the key aspects of modern software is transparency. We want you to be always informed about the current status of our Evolio, so we are introducing Instatus – our new service that provides you with up-to-date information about the status of Evolio. If you run into problems, simply via the support button, you can check what happened. The app has the option to sign up for alerts when any event occurs in Evolus.

We understand how important it is to have up-to-date information, so we will continuously refine and expand the notifications shared through Instatus to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date data. This service is an important step in our commitment to provide a transparent and reliable service to our users.

We are preparing a separate blog article about Instatus, where we will show you in more detail what you can find there.

Instatus app available to all attorneys in Evolus

How to report work that is displayed to the client but not billed?!

In the practice of many law firms, there are occasional situations where it is necessary to report work done for a client, but for various reasons it is not billed. Whether it’s goodwill or another business strategy, we understand the need for this flexibility and strive to fully reflect it at Evol.

Therefore, we have allowed the creation of a timesheet with the time charged at 0 h 0m. This new setup will give you the ability to clearly document the work done for a client without charging for any time. It is the ideal solution for offices that want to be as transparent as possible with their clients while retaining the flexibility to charge.

Billable attorney work with 0 hours

New in user productivity detail

Seeing even the smallest details of your work is the key to effective time and task management. The biggest change you’ll notice is the display of time in hours with minutes. In the past, some users have pointed out that simply displaying in hours can be misleading or insufficient, especially when minutes play a key role in overall time reporting. This is to ensure that every minute of your work is correctly and accurately recorded.

Another important new feature is the ability to click directly to the file in which the work is reported. This allows quick access to relevant information and file details. Now you can easily and quickly track your timesheet while having instant access to detailed information about a specific file.

New options in user productivity detail for law firms

List of items for tasks in the enhanced version

We’ve also looked at tasks and improved the way you can work with the list of items. We have prepared for you:

  1. Faster adding of items: when you press “Enter”, not only is your current item saved, but also a new item is automatically created and the cursor is moved to it. This speeds up the process of adding multiple items in a row.
  2. Better editing of items: when you edit an item now, the borders remain with the buttons. Previously, it used to happen that buttons or frames disappeared due to mouse movement, which could be confusing.
  3. Editing icon: we’ve added a pencil icon to intuitively indicate editing options. This gives you a clearer visual indicator for quick adjustments.

New task list features for attorneys

Quickly add contacts according to the proven model in Mail

When designing and implementing new features in Evoluio, we greatly value feedback from our users. We know how important it is for you to have quick and convenient access to your favourite features. With this in mind, we decided to reintroduce a proven feature from our old mail to the new interface. The “plus” feature allows you to quickly and easily add an email or contact person that you don’t already have stored in Evol. Simply click on the “plus” icon after the new contact and find the desired subject in Evol.

Assigning a contact to a subject in the attorney software



For more detailed information about all changes in the version, we recommend to consult our detailed list of changes in the documentation. We appreciate your trust and interest in Evolio.