In the last big update this year, we have prepared a lot of improvements for our users. After all, it’s the Christmas version, so we’re gifting 🙂 The attorney files must be growing nicely with features such as authorized conversion.

What changes have we prepared for you as the main attraction?

  • Authorized conversion per click ( video )
  • Managerial overviews of reported work
  • A more modern look of the law file
  • Accounting for work under the banner of several lawyers in one Evolio ( video )
  • New options for billing and invoice print reports
  • Reporting leave and various absences in the office, but first …

One-click authorized conversion

The most requested thing from our questionnaire has finally reached you! We certainly don’t need to reconfigure an authorized conversion, because every lawyer deals with it. Those who have Evolio will have it a lot easier now … … that is, if they have a Windows computer. However, even for Mac OS users, the light at the end of the tunnel is on – we are preparing a version for them as well.

The conversion itself takes place directly in the documents of the file. You can choose from the conversion of paper to electronic, and vice versa from electronic to paper . Each document with an authorized conversion is saved as a copy with _EL conversion or _LE conversion . Definitely watch the attached video.

Managerial reports on reported work

The billing manager has been expanded with the Overview tab, which brings delicacy to all who want more information about reporting work in their team. Here you will find a list of users with a monthly or weekly overview of reported hours. You can easily find your way around at a glance, because the green color in the box changes hue according to the time reported. We will add that we take 8 hours as standard working hours;)

However, the displayed calendar offers much more. You can select a filter and view the volumes of reported work, e.g. for a specific client or only for acts according to the lawyer’s tariff. Be sure to explore the filtering options! In the example below, you can see that you can click on the work for the day and look at a specific list. You can even edit the reported work directly.

Clear display of the statement in the law firm

One Evolio can handle more companies

Some of you have had a requirement to report and account for work under the banner of several supplier companies in one Evolio. You could have changed suppliers in the invoice for a long time, but it was really just a basic solution. This is an interesting topic, so we have completely redesigned the function of several suppliers.

Learn how to add more businesses in the video below. It is important that you can set permissions for each company / supplier, who can see its data. Thanks to that, in Evolio can charge for example more lawyers who share employees but invoice separately. Or you can set up divisions within which you monitor financial flows. In the video, you will also see the practical side of things to do with suppliers in the file and in the Billing Manager.


Improved calendar view

The calendar in Evolio is gradually gaining in popularity. It is an interesting helper that displays tasks and, unlike Outlook, has its own way of working.

We have collected comments from you and, based on them, have improved the display of tasks, in particular we have added more data from linked files. The current amount of the debt is displayed next to the task name in the receivables file. In the next line, at the time of the task, we assigned a subject and at the same time created a third, which contains the number and name of the case. We’ve also added features from the to-do list, such as attachment and comment icons or a task description hover bubble. They worked very well in the task line view, so we wanted to make better use of them to your satisfaction.

Planning calendar with lawyer meetings

Finally, a clear record of holidays and absences

Many law firms also want to monitor various holidays, sick days and sick leave as part of their job reporting. So far, this has addressed the reporting of work to various internal files.

In this version, we have expanded the My Work Report section with the Write off button. If you click on it, a specialized window for entering leave will appear. Attention! It is still necessary to report the work to an internal file.

The reported leave is clearly visible (it has its color) and works beautifully in all different reports and overviews.

Registration of holidays in the system for law firms

Display of reported work on the file timeline

Speaking of reporting, let’s look at extending the file’s timeline. A description was seen on the timeline of the actions performed, but more importantly, information on the reported work was missing. The user always had to open the action. This is no longer necessary with the new version. The reported work is marked on the timeline with a stopwatch symbol with a total length. You can also see the type of activity with the name of the user who performed the work, as well as a lighter gray note next to the report.

Reported work on the timeline

Multiple print reports and a clear breakdown by type of work

We are moving further in the possibilities and number of print reports for billing. Reports now have items categorized by job type and vary by displayed columns with VAT details or totals. For testing, it is important to set the pattern in the header before starting the PDF generation, otherwise the same report will still be generated!

Various reports in the system for lawyers

Different forms of billing lawyer

Distribution of invoice items and multiple languages

Billing is followed by billing, which we couldn’t skip. Evolio has started to distinguish between cost and legal services items when creating an invoice – it adds them as separate invoice items. This improves records, clients know what they are paying for and users no longer have to manually break down items.

Another modification, which will be used mainly by offices with clients from abroad, are multi-language invoices. You can choose English and languages close to us.

distribution of items on the lawyer's invoice

We continue to make design changes

We strive to be a constantly modern tool for lawyers, and this is not only about features, but also about appearance. After all, when you work with something you like, the work goes straight away. The first change you won’t be able to overlook is the new file header. There, we worked not only on appearance and thus better orientation, but also on better adaptation of those functions that are important and often used. We have brought more to the forefront of the main subjects of the case or sending a data message and email from the Actions menu. They also differentiated them in color to attract the right things.

The main menu now takes the form of icons not only in the mail. We approached this in order to save space, which is used more efficiently. It may not be such an abysmal difference on large monitors, but with laptops, for example, working with Evolio is really better. The last modernization of the appearance in this version are dialogs – windows that do not open directly in Evolio, for example: detail of the reported work, addition of a file mark, setting of reporting or file finances, etc. We removed the gray color, which looked cumbersome, and added white, which looks fresher.

New law file design

And such an addition at the end

We are removing the annoying button for downloading the Synchronizer, for users who are actively using it. For some time, they began to hinder them more with documentaries than to help. New users will have a button available. It also continues to download via a link in our documentation.

The synchronizer link is not displayed unnecessarily.

Opening documents in MS Office