The smaller January version of Evolio brings several interesting improvements and minor fixes. Let’s take a look at the recap:

  • You can already perform an authorized conversion from electronic to paper form on the MAC
  • When you go to the file, you will find out who was last in it and when
  • We have expanded the billing overview (also for the FREE version)
  • Further improvements to Evolio’s security

Authorized conversion for MAC, the ability to set permissions and conversion records

We don’t forget Apple MAC users. Therefore, we have prepared a new function that will allow this system to perform the conversion – so far in the direction from electronic to paper . The option to perform a conversion directly on the server has been added to the document menu.

Authorized conversion for MAC

There is also a new permission setting that allows the user to convert. You can find this in Settings -> Integration -> Authorized conversion.

Authorization for authorized conversion

We’ve also improved our conversion tracking so that you can export it as needed soon. See this help article for more information on setting up conversion on your server.


You can easily find out who was last in the file

There is a small but very practical feature in Evolio that displays the last user and the time of the visit when the file is opened.

User info in file


We’ve expanded the billing summary

We’ve added new information to your billing summary about the total amount billed and how many hours it has already been billed.

TIP: Don’t forget to use the Add Filter button – you can easily view the data e.g. only for work reported in the lawyer’s tariff, etc.

An overview of reported work in a law firm


Further improvements to Evolio’s security

The changes also include several preventive security improvements, including against a malicious email attack. We are dealing with the topic of security on an ongoing basis, and modifications to the Evolio’s core are currently being prepared, which will enable us to use other security practices.


We believe that you are pleased with the news. We have already started work on other news 🙂