Our developers have focused on other options for sophisticated billing, and we’ve also been able to improve billing control. The heart beats happily to the experienced user, but also to those who in software for lawyers they are just beginning. We have enough good news for everyone.

Advances and billing summary

Advances are one of the cornerstones of the financial stability of law firms. Evolio previously made it possible to issue advance invoices and manually include them in the billing. We now have a tool that will allow you to automate everything and at the same time reduce the risk of errors and mistakes.

When creating a bill, you may notice a new panel at the bottom of the page Billing summary. Here you will always find the total sum for the entire bill and here you have the option to deduct the deposit. Just use the button Include backups which can be found below the summary. In the new window for selecting invoices, pay attention to the column Balance for credit . The condition for deducting the deposit is that the invoice must be paid at least in part.

Control the Billing Manager with ease

Do you have piles of invoices and you don’t know what was ever done? Both tabs Issued bills and Issued invoices and documents they got a new function for selecting any time range. In the table itself, you can sort the data by any column and you can also use filtering – you will see a nice example in the following image. That is, so that it exactly suits your ideas and requirements.

table filtering

We don’t end there with a manager! Notice the inconspicuous button at the top right. With its help, you can export data to an Excel spreadsheet. The export function does this cleverly, so it remembers what you filtered and will only export those lines.

And one more nice little thing for sophisticated billing. If you go to the file tab, the button for displaying the file will appear. This will open in a new tab.

Credits and tax documents

In the new version Evolio you can use from today as well Credits and Tax documents . This covers the current accounting agenda that law firms need for their practice.

The field is also newly used Description , which will appear on the credit memo, invoice and other documents.

Search more clearly and accurately

Nobody wants to send invoices to the wrong people and thus worry. Therefore, we have included additional data in the billing search, which makes it much easier to find the right entity in Evolio. This search was also applied with minor modifications to the search of electronic files.

subject search

Again, in this version, we have focused heavily on billing. We believe that our work has paid off and you will again record work with cash expenses, generate lump sums, create invoices and invoices more efficiently than ever before.

A detailed list of changes can be found in documentation .