We’ll make your holidays more enjoyable with the new version of Evolio 2023.1.1. Today, we would like to introduce you to additional features we have added to our Evolio system – a specialized solution for law firms and claims management. Enjoy the second holiday month with a better Evolio!

Direct folder selection when adding a document to a task

New feature improves document management for law firms. The previous version of Evolio automatically uploaded documents to the main document folder in the file. Users now have the ability to edit the location of a document in one of their own folders or subfolders when adding it to a task. The new modification greatly simplifies the organization of these documents, because you no longer need to open the Documents tab, you can do it directly from the task.

Changing the deposit of a document with solicitors


Summary of postings for instalment plans

Another feature in Evol is the overview of the payment posting in the calendar. This new icon, which appears with every incoming payment, gives users an instant overview of the instalments to which the payment has been posted. This facilitates the monitoring of financial flows in the context of receivables management. The entire posting process is much clearer and users can now easily see in one place whether a payment is on schedule without having to open a payment plan.

Do you know who edited the financial items?!

In addition, there are new Created and Modified columns for each item in Finance. These new information columns bring greater clarity to users, particularly to facilitate the review of finances after the issue of a writ of execution. The Created column records the date the financial item was entered into the Evolio system. The Modified column then records the date the financial item was last modified. In both columns there is also a user icon after the date, when you hover over it the full name of the user is displayed. All information is therefore up-to-date and accurate for you, which is crucial for successful and professional work in the field of receivables management.

Columns created and entered for receivables management


The visualisation in the settlement allows you to see if multiple payments are included

We’ll stick with finance for a while. We are introducing a new visualisation that makes it easy to see if multiple payments are included in a given billing. This new feature is intended to increase clarity and make it easier to identify payments that have been included in a particular settlement. If this situation occurs, an orange i icon will appear in the Payment Date column. When you click on it, you will see a detailed list of payments that have been posted to it, with a breakdown of the exact items. This visualisation is particularly useful when you need to track how payments have been allocated to individual settlements. It is easy to check that all payments are correctly posted and no one has to bother with manual reconciliation and checking.


Internal note in the summary of all billing

Let’s move to the Billing Manager, specifically the Issued Bills tab. We have now added a column called Internal Note to the table with all bills. You can enter important information for your team when issuing a bill, such as: payment details, due dates, or any other relevant information that will help with a clearer understanding and management of the bill. This new functionality provides more detailed documentation and facilitates communication and collaboration within the law firm. It allows you to get an overview of all the internal notes and information for each bill without having to open them one by one.


Filtering in the task overview

We have launched full-text search in the task overview. This new feature gives users the ability to easily and quickly find anything they need directly from the columns in the Task Overview. With full-text search you can, for example: quickly find all tasks from one client. Just enter a name in the search box and the system will instantly display all relevant results. Similarly, you can easily search for all tasks related to a selected case or any keywords or phrases. This search increases the efficiency of task handling and allows users to obtain the information they need with minimal effort.


Splitting payments into multiple files for the purposes of insolvency proceedings

The new functionality to split payments across multiple insolvency files provides Evolio users with a simple and efficient way to manage payments from insolvency practitioners that are intended for multiple claims within a single debtor.

The bank’s settings have been extended to include the ability to use payment matching with the breakup algorithm for insolvencies. The user can tick this option for a specific bank account and thus activate the payment break-up function. The payment breakdown will only apply to the debtor’s insolvency filings that have a special label “Bulk IR Filing”. Each debtor will have one parent file and other subordinate files. The pairing of the payment with the decay algorithm is done sequentially by variable symbol (VS), case number and birth number (RN). If the payment is traced by one of these identifiers, the system proceeds to matching. If a debtor’s file labelled “Bulk IO Application” is found and it is superior, a payment breakdown is automatically applied to that master file and all its subordinate files. If a subordinate file is traced, the payment breakdown is automatically applied to all the debtor’s files marked with the label “Bulk IR Application”. Furthermore, the visualization of the payment breakdown in the bank and in the files was implemented, where the payment is flagged and users can easily see how many files the payment was posted to. Click on the text “Payment in multiple files” to see a list of break-ups with details of each file. For more information you can contact our support team!

This new functionality allows law firms to handle payments from insolvency practitioners more efficiently and clearly, bringing greater transparency and control over financial operations. This makes it easier for debt managers to track and manage payments and ensure that they are accurately allocated to each debtor’s file according to their entitlement to monetary benefits.

Breakdown of payments for IR


Thank you for your trust and support. We are confident that the new features in Evolio will bring many benefits to your office and help you achieve an even higher level of professionalism. We also recommend that you take a look at the list of all changes. Don’t miss out on future articles where we’ll bring you more of the amazing improvements we have in store for you 🙂