With the new version 19.7. it is easier to manage the legal agenda and work in Evolio more comfortable than ever before. List of changes:

  • Incoming / Outgoing call – Added a button to play the call record
  • Events in the Category / List area added configuration to settings
  • Generating documents in an event through eservicies
  • GDPR new visualization
  • EService – Search for a data message from detail or when creating a new one via the subject card
  • Added Merk – display person details in iFrame
  • New design in SMS settings
  • Function to remove blank pages from PDF if user needs ??
  • Search in the filing room by:

– The subject of the email
– Sender (both the SubjectName column from the PostaPrichozi table, and if the email is paired to the subject, in its Include as in the email)
– If the email is paired with the file, then in the file number, VS and also in the subjects of these files (via the link VPripadySubjekty to the subject and its IncludeAs and email)

  • Last Open Cases – Cancel the Started and Ended columns
  • A button with the option to retrieve additional messages has been added to the filing room
  • Added the option to send Cc and Bcc to the email
  • Canceled field Agreed payment from call detail
  • Onboarding – New case button, at the top, renamed to New and added a third option – Subject.
  • When generating a document, you are now not prompted and the document is saved immediately
  • A note about the social networking call on which the call was made: Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Messanger
  • New entity (Legal, natural entrepreneur) – After clicking on the Search button, search for the help entity Addin ARES in EServices. The same goes for retrieving the data box.
  • New option to save documents to disk from the filing room and events