System changes

A total of 33 changes were made to the lawyers’ software , the main ones being the following:

  • Lawyer file – the list of tasks in the file tab now contains all tasks, ie not only active tasks.
  • Compulsory liability – newly added Add button. Enabling contacting the client.
  • Registry – With the responsive version, when you select a Registry in the menu, it will now not find the mail detail directly, but the registry menu.
  • Main menu – panel in responsive view, with a list of settings is hidden as in the normal version
  • Settings Roles – Modifications and bug fixes have been made to the rights assigned to the user.
  • Server error – when the server reports an error, it is possible to correct the added Continue working button. The button leads to the last page, before the error is displayed.
  • Subjects – added the option to enter in the subject ČAK, in the form of editing the subject.
  • Wombat – renamed module from Wombat to Autodialer.
  • Data messages – data messages are displayed both in the event and in the form.
  • Finance – added a dynamic field allowing you to add a new item to finances.