Changes in the new version

There were a total of 70 changes in the Evolio, which is mainly intended for the management of law files and the effective management of receivables. Major modifications include:

  • Advocacy cases were renamed to files – originally they were AK Cases, but today we are talking about files.
  • Editing dynamic fields in the finance overview – it is now possible to edit items in Additional data .
  • Renames renamed – ZFO files from data messages have been changed from .zip to .zfo
  • Work report – change of form. It is now of the same type as other costs.
  • Furthermore, it is now possible to state the price in the work report in the following options:
  1. CZK / hour
  2. Eur / hour
  3. CZK / action
  4. Eur / act
  • Finance item – the full name was not previously displayed in the table. Because the more important information was often displayed in its second half, a full item name was added in a balloon.
  • Wall – customize the appearance and added new options. The Getting Started panel is now displayed with introductory information, a box with tasks for the given user, a box with mail for processing, where 4 mail panels are displayed and a footer with a link has been added to the end of the panels.
  • When creating a receivable file, the default billing profile is set – if one is set as the default in the billing profiles, it is added to each newly created file.
  • Login – minor changes to the look of the page
  • Adjustment when importing receivables – assigned labels are now imported.
  • New menu in Settings – added a second menu in which all tiled fields were overwritten in one column.
  • Outgoing mail – if the outgoing email is in the Sent state, it will be displayed in a new design.
  • Filtering Tasks – added a filter to display tasks for all users.
  • Default VAT settings – It is now possible to set a default VAT value in the bill for law firms.
  • Registry – For data messages, a button has been added to download the delivery note and the ZFO data message.
  • Email forwarding room – from now on it is possible to forward an email to another email than the one in the given case and it is also possible to reply to an email which is not assigned to the file.
  • Dashboard – now added a box with the time of the operator’s login to the system. Allows you to track when operators started working.
  • Information court – the marks of the AK file are used for connection with the information court. The main function is to point out changes or that nothing has been happening for a long time. These functions will run in the background and generate tasks. When adding a tag, the info court will be found. If it exists, there will be an info icon in the brand view. When you click on the icon, a statement is displayed, which is taken from the website.
  • EPR – Electronic Payment Order was also implemented in Evolio, which is executed through the ePodatelna.