Upcoming changes

64 changes were made throughout this Release Evolia law software to improve its functions. Major changes include the following.

Call center – the side panel was hidden

Data message – improvement of file mark and reference number implementation

Documents – when downloading emails, they are no longer stored among the documents in the file. They are now downloaded in the same way as data messages.

Emails – now it is possible to download an email in MSG (message) format.


  • added option to choose SSL security type in email account settings
  • created forms for configuration of printing parameters of documents.

Noticeboard – More accurate task information is now displayed in the Current Tasks panel header


  • the name and surname of the contact person is copied to the post office when it is established
  • instead of displaying the number of all mail, the number of unread mail is now displayed.

Last open receivables / files – the display has changed. The nickname “Active” has been deleted and replaced by “My files / My receivables” and “All files / All receivables”.

Subjects – the Contact person field for a natural person has been deleted. The contact person is for a legal entity only.

Tasks – modification of the work report bar, for easier manipulation

Work / Cost Statement – Added a whisperer to the Activity Description field to suggest the names of costs and jobs