List of changes

This time, sixty-two adjustments were made to the Evolio system for the registration of law files and receivables. The most fundamental changes are:

  • WPF filter library – two batches of modifications were marked by improving the system for client use and completing the design
  • Lawyer files – the last displayed files replaced by a new display. The change has occurred in the information that is displayed. Next, a filter was added to find the required file type.
  • Timeline – display the Draft status of an action or email in the timeline. As in actions.
  • Info Court – if there is a change in the Info Court, a task will be automatically generated in the assigned file.
  • Mail – fixes abolished the ability to delete in data messages, by law. The option to download the ZFO and delivery note has been removed for the email
  • Call Center – option to send the name of the campaign, after copying the campaign will display a report on the result. Lastly, the Import button was added to the Lists field
  • Timeline – a small improvement in clarity, thanks to the addition of a title next to the file number
  • Noticeboard – the Show mail to be processed button has been removed, the bottom bar All mail has been added instead
  • Actions – a tag is added to the action to show what the system event is
  • Registry – allowed to create a new file from the registry, if the case can not be assigned. At the same time, the document name may change
  • Letter online – the new DopisOnlineNew service enables the electronic submission of various types of shipments via the API. The service interface uses the secure HTTPS protocol and the data is encrypted
  • Receivables – handover function For recovery, the intention was to create a new part in the Receivables segment, the aim of which would be to hand over the already defended case to a bailiff. This function would be possible if an EPR with legal force was registered for the segment
  • Subjects – the subject is now to create a new data message
  • New case – the Job Rate column has been removed, it will only be used in finances and labels will be added
  • Billing – re-generate PDF from new billing and send billing by email.