Another batch of news

This time we bring more extensive changes and adjustments in the Evolio, thanks to which the management of the law firm’s agenda will be a bit easier again. Their number reached a respectable number of 172 , among the most interesting are certainly:

Billing Manager

You now have an overview of all reported activities and related expenses in one place. The table shows all clients listed in the files. For each file, the individual items to be billed and their share in the possible budget of the file are listed in detail. Of course, it is possible to add a new statement from the manager, more information can be found in the Evolio’s documentation . Upon close observation, you will also notice that the item Flat rate!

Work report in the top bar

The top bar now shows a simplified version of the work report, the box in the bar shows the number of hours reported today. When clicked, the menu allows you to enter a new statement for any electronic file , while displaying the last 5 entries of the user (which can be a statement 1-2 days back). Because this toolbar is accessible from any page in Evolio, it is easier than ever to register a new work report.

Data box

New rights have been added for greater comfort of use, e.g. permission to receive and send messages to individual users, the option to exclude the mailbox from sending in the filing room. Also the ability to specify a different sending account and send data messages automatically. For bulk transactions, you can only download messages from accounts of your choice. However, these are not the only changes, other adjustments made to the settings related to data boxes are listed below.

Actions – Tracking shipments

You now have detailed information about where your shipment, sent by hybrid mail, is located. In actions, a small field appears next to the subject’s name, showing the status of the mail. For more detailed information, just click. Evolio will automatically link you to the official hybrid mail page. So, depending on the type of envelope, you can be sure that the shipment has reached the recipient and is not lost somewhere during transport. You can contact the client if he did not pick up the shipment and the return date is approaching the sender. Just a perfect overview of shipments.

If you want to use hybrid mail, but you are not sure about creating it, our simple guide will help you.



  • after the addition of labels to law files and receivables, identical labels were added for entities as well. So now you can quickly and easily find out basic information about this person.

  • for subjects, there was also a distinction tel. numbers to mobile and landline, due to sending SMS. The handset means a mobile phone, with a landline it is a classic telephone .


  • the settings of emails, data boxes and hybrid mail became independent. By default, the Email, Data Box , and Hybrid Mail icons have been added. Mail accounts have been renamed Mail Account Owners . By changing the owner, you get the opportunity to overwrite e.g. mailbox to another mail account and thus also move the related mail. When you delete any account, a dialog will appear with information about what will be deleted.
  • Actions – it is now possible to edit the category names of (non-system) actions.
  • User Roles – Added a new right to the Reporting tab if you don’t want all users to see what is billed to the customer.
  • Print parameters – forms were created for configuration of print parameters intended for documents.
  • Users – extension of the employee card by the day of commencement and the day of the end of the probationary period.
  • Finance types- between the system items were created Statutory interest on arrears and Capitalized contractual penalty .

Document generation – before generation, the user is allowed to change the file name. If no document is assigned to the action, all case documents are displayed.

Documents – The possibility of mass editing has been added in Evoli. Possibility to mark a larger number of files, in order to delete them or move them to another folder, or from the current folder, thus reducing unnecessary clicking.

Profile settings – Every user no longer has to fill in their signature in the email unnecessarily every time. Just set the field labeled Email Signature once in your settings, and all emails will be sent with that signature. The logged-in user gets to the settings in the top bar in the profile.

Filing room

  • To date, it has not been possible to respond to an email that has not been assigned to any case, which has limited many of you. This is no longer the case and you can send and reply to all emails in your office.
  • To be settled – there was an extension by the expected division by type into Email, Datovky and Listinná .

Events – When you create a mail and add a recipient who is a company, the first and last name of the contact person will be written on the envelope.

InsolvencyEvolio now generates a task notification for users, for all persons in the active files, which it finds in the Insolvency Register.

Tasks – a button has been added to delete individual tasks to avoid unnecessary clutter of files.


You can see a detailed list of changes in our documentation here .