The new version Evolio brings one major innovation and also a number of minor improvements. As usual, we focused on making life easier for modern law firms and independent lawyers and making working with Evolio more enjoyable.

There are also interesting shifts in the receivables management module. If you are dealing with electronic EPR payment orders, please contact us and we will introduce you to the news in person.

User groups

We have resisted this position for some time – it seemed to us that it would be useful only for some law firms. In the end, it turned out to be suitable for regular customers. Already during testing, we worked with groups of users very pleasantly, and so a really useful function was born.

User groups - Evolio - a system for law firms

What’s up? You can create groups and assign users to them. One user can be without problems in several groups. You can then use the groups in many places of Evolio:

  • You can create a task to assign to a group
  • You can also send mail to the group
  • You can give the group access rights to the group
  • You can even set a group as Handled in the file

File rights for a user group | Evolio - a system for law firmsSimply put, a group can replace a specific user in many places. If you have 2-3 people in a group, substitutability will start working. By assigning a new colleague to a group, you will suddenly place him on the entire law agenda without having to change a number of settings.

You can find practical information about working with groups in the article Users and groups .

A flood of minor changes

Improvements insolvency register brings the possibility of opening the insolvency detail directly on the register website with one click.

Linking Evolio to the insolvency register


A number of adjustments were made in Subtly . They mainly concern the Post Office, where various variants of filters have been added

Mail Filtering For Processing - Evolio - Software for Attorneys


We’ve improved the options a lot editing of code lists . You can now edit them from where you use them:

Code lists in the bar file - Evolio - system for lawyers

Other changes by telegraph:

  • We will be very happy with users who called for opportunities forward sent email .
  • There has been a revision and extension file rights.
  • We’ve also worked to make Evolio’s reports clearer for the average user.

Throughout information system for lawyers there were a total of 85 changes. Of course, some of them were bug fixes that you reported to us.