When working on large functions, we do not forget even the small ones. We are constantly trying to respond to the comments of lawyers and users of law firms, since the release of version 2021.4 we have processed more than 60 minor changes and corrections.

Email formatting

In the summer, we changed the component for writing emails in the law firm. It has improved many things (for example, you can paste a picture or a screen clip into an email by copying it via the clipboard).

However, the sent emails were slightly different from the appearance of the ones – the spaces between the lines were larger in the sent emails. So we worked on it and below you can see the form of the email in Evolio and after delivery in Outlook. The formatting of the email signature set by the lawyer has also been improved.

Read the text of the email in the picture below, you will find a tip on how to work with the size of the space between the lines 🙂

Formatting of emails in the law file

Minor changes in job reporting

There are several changes in the reporting of work for electronic law files, statements and reports intended for clients of law firms. This is not a revolution, we are continuously improving reporting according to the lawyer’s tariff. Now the actual time can be added to the reported action (it was originally calculated, but experience has shown that it is better to enter it manually).

Actual time of reported work

The modifications also include a new component for entering the reported time, which is used both when writing and in the detail of the report. It can write several different formats and converts the entered time directly into the standard display. This means that lawyers can enter additional time adjustments a little more conveniently again 🙂

Reporting work in electronic files

A number of adjustments have been made. We believe that everyone is for the better. However, if you encounter any discrepancies, let us know via the support button.