We played nicely with this year’s first version of Evolio 2022.1. Although it may not seem so at first glance, it cost us a lot of effort and almost 4 months of development. These days, we are gradually deploying it to individual customers.

The chassis on which Evolio runs has changed – it will be faster and even safer

If the software is not to become obsolete, not only new features must be added, but also older ones must be revised. After more than three years of operation and gradual expansion, we have completely redesigned the part of Evolio that takes care of communication with the database. In a transferred style, it is a chassis on which the entire Evolio rides.

Thanks to this modification, it will be possible to gradually speed up some parts of Evolio, and importantly, we can further improve security.

Good safety confirmed by penetration test

In March, we conducted an annual audit for ISO 27001 certification, in which we passed smoothly. An independent penetration test took place during the audit, which turned out very well (the test took place on this published version). Learn more in this article .

Do I know any changes while working with Evolio?

The change in the Evolio chassis has affected virtually every part of it, but at first glance it is not reflected, as it is a change in the internal structure. We have been intensively testing and tuning throughout February and March. However, Evolio is an extensive system, so we could have missed a little thing. Therefore, we ask you to report any unwanted changes in Evolio’s behavior via the support button in the lower right corner of the screen and we will deal with the report as soon as possible.

A few changes and fixes will be found

Even in this version, there was finally room for a few adjustments that concerned the requirements of our users. There have been minor improvements and fine-tuning in the area of job reporting and billing, and several changes have also taken place in the filing room and when working with printing parameters.

What will be next?

We are already working on another version of Evolia, which will bring news as you are used to. What will they be like? Definitely some of the ones you voted for in our annual poll 🙂