Evolio 2020 – a year focused on money and security

We think that lawyers are experts and should do professional work. And not to deal with unnecessary administration, reporting, guarding money, court reports or endless clicks CTRL + C and CTRL + V. At the same time, we know that advocacy is about great trust, data and information protection.

We release a new version every month Evolio which simplifies and automates routine activities. In 2020, we focused more on money and security.

1. Artificial intelligence simplifies work reports

Reporting work is a stream for almost everyone. On the other hand, there is no invoice without a statement (you also enjoy a few), and without an invoice there is no paycheck. That’s why we are

  • they have automatically added all possible activities in Evolio to the work report
  • used artificial intelligence to box unreported work, you just confirm the suggestion
  • we’ve allowed lawyers to make their reports available to assistants so they can box off unreported work for them.

It works easily

Reporting of operations and costs through unreported activities

Help machine learning we are constantly improving our reporting. More detailed information can be found in March news bulletin a v help for unreported activities .

As a result, individual offices have increased invoicing by 10-25% per month. And a lot of lawyers spared a bucket of nerves.

We’ve also added other minor improvements

  • easier entry of statements on a mobile phone, for example directly after a consultation in a café or after a court hearing
  • complete filtering of reports and their export to Excel


2. Two-click invoices

Hours, tasks, packages. Amounts with VAT, without VAT, with a different VAT rate. It’s complicated in the background. We’ve made it easy for you.

We split the invoicing into two steps handles:

1. first click prepare a bill . Artificial intelligence, automation and possibly an assistant helped you prepare this. Automatically includes all previously uninvoiced items.

New billing for a law firm in the cloud

2. second click you generate an invoice. It meets all legal requirements and there is no need to add anything to it. The reported VAT rate is also included for reported items.

Issuance of an invoice for the lawyer's agenda

Because each office may have different customs, it is possible to enter prices or hourly rates directly including VAT. On the invoice, the price is then recalculated on the basis and the relevant VAT.

You know the invoices

      • you can also exhibit in a foreign language ( more in the help )
      • pair with payments in the bank, you just have to set up import
      • you assign to a file or client

We are still preparing for the beginning of 2021 faster invoice generation for larger offices and also export invoices to popular invoicing programs (iDoklad, Fakturoid, Pohoda and Money S3 will be added gradually).


3. Deposit Management

When it comes to money in attorney custody, perfect records are needed. We also added during the year a new Deposit tab that allows records of deposits, including deposits and withdrawals. It always relates to the selected file.

Data are recorded as the amount of the deposit, its purpose, the account to which the deposit is deposited, the conditions for releasing the deposit and also all deposits and withdrawals of money. In addition, Evolio automatically checks which accounts are used in active deposits and does not allow them to be used more than once.

Registration of a deposit in a lawyer's file

Attention, deposit registration is an optional function in the file and you must turn it on. Details you read the documentation .

4. More convenient login

Most lawyers have an account on Google or Microsoft, and you can now use it to log in to Evolio. It works easily. When a person is logged in e.g. to Gmail, just confirm in the browser that he wants to use his e-mail as a “login” to Evolio and log in.

We use highly secure OAUTH 2.0 technology for this.

The advantage for you is that you do not have to create completely new user accounts. And if a person leaves the company, you simply remove their access and they will no longer have access to any data.

Our advantage is that we can make functions such as Integromat available to you. We haven’t been able to do that yet to protect our privacy.


5. Perfect security and data protection

We are aware that we store very sensitive data for you. Therefore, we first encrypt all data and store them in a database until encrypted. We treat advances the same way. We store everything in MS Azure cloud services, which meet the highest security standards (ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPPA and others, more in the article ).

We’ve recently added a feature to support you Lockbox. Click to temporarily give us access to your Evolio.

Evolio Lockbox

Of course, we meet the strict requirements of the GDPR. And in the first quarter of 2021, so will we certified according to ISO 27001 .


The last question remains: Have you already tried Evolio?