In the previous version, we haveengaged the support button to Evolio. Thanks to that, we got closer to our users and we know it – more than 100 conversations have already taken place. As a result, this outgoing version of Evolio contains a lot of your small suggestions and comments for the effective management of receivables and managing the law firm’s agenda .


Every Evolio user is comfortable …

Upload files to emails with status indicator

When uploading larger files as attachments, the user did not see how many files they were uploading and how far they were. It was annoying and confusing, especially for impatient types 🙂 You now have a nice upload indicator in the email window.


Visible control of uploaded documents

We will stay with the recording, but this time we will talk about storing individual documents and entire folders. Their recording is now visible left under the main menu . Thanks to this, you can already work in the next file, while the previous one is still recording.

Upload a file


Find smarter data messages

The search box in your inbox has received super improvements. From now on, it is possible to find a message by its file number, reference number or even a note.

date tag search



Change the subject type to the correct one

The moment you find out that the type in which the person is being led right now is no longer the right one, e.g. the client decided to do business in his name, it is not a problem to change its type. You can transfer a natural person to an entrepreneur, a company to an entrepreneurial person apod. Evolio will also transfer all the information that is stored with the person and is valid for the new type, the others will be deleted.

Change of subject type


Reported work as you need it

Table with records of reported work for legal agenda has been redesigned and is now extended with the ability to filter data and sort by any column. At the same time, you can export this work to an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

table filtering


For demanding we have …

Print parameters in SMS and email templates

Printing parameters have found other uses. Evolio already uses them in templates for SMS and emails! The principle is still the same, you add a parameter to the place in the text where you want to have the information stored in Evolio. In the selected case, the parameter is then generated in the selected email or SMS template.

SMS template


Clear balance of payments

You can now see the balance of incoming and outgoing payments in the finance report. This gives you a comprehensive view of the financial transactions in the receivable.

Balance of payments in finance


Of course, we received many more suggestions from you. Therefore, in order to be able to bring suggestions to our users as soon as possible and not unnecessarily delay these requests, we have divided them into two editions. 20.9.1 and 20.9.2 . Each has its own attractions, which we have written for you in a point list.