Evolio programmers are working intensively on the next big version, but even so, they found room in January for a few adjustments that will please independent lawyers and larger law firms 🙂

If you do not have time to read the whole article, we bring you a traditional overview:

  • We have strengthened managerial outputs
  • They adjusted the lawyer’s tariff according to the changes from 1.1.2022
  • We’ve added the ability to mark the file as internal (this will be useful for further reporting analyzes)
  • Bookmarks in files can now be better configured and user permissions set on them
  • We’ve added a few other things to make working in Evolio better and more comfortable

Look to the future – an estimate of reported work for the month in progress

We are adding additional information for managerial decision-making.

  • Comparison with the previous month – in the box Accountingable work the comparison with the previous month is displayed. You will see how much work you still have to report to make up your income as in the previous month.
  • Forecast for the current month – this is a statistical estimate of how much money you will report for the entire month at a given reporting rate.

Estimated income from reported work in a law firm


Repeal of §12a in the lawyer’s tariff

From 1.1.2022, the validity of §12a, also known as the flood discount, is repealed in the lawyer’s tariff. For this reason, we have modified Evolio and you will no longer be able to find this option when reporting for this year, so that you do not accidentally click and create an invalid job listing. If you move to the previous year in the report, you can use the paragraph.

Software for Attorneys - Reporting work in electronic files


Make notes of the subjects in the file

In the Entities in file panel, the option has now been added to any subject with a link to the file to make any note. You will only see this where it was added, so if you have one subject in more than one case, the notes will not mix with each other.

Entering a note in the law file

Internal files for own use

The vast majority of law firms using Evolio have developed some form of internal files. They usually record internal work that is not billed to customers. You now have the option of marking such a file as internal. So far, this is just a symptom, but in the future it will refine the analysis of the reported work. We recommend that you mark all files used in this way.

You can also use internal files when registering vacations and holidays in the work report (you will find more in the previous news) .

Internal bar file


File bookmark settings can be configured, including permissions

The bookmark display does not always work for a particular type of file. And not every user should see everything. We have made it possible for Evolio to configure standard and custom bookmarks.

Especially if you use custom bookmarks, you will appreciate the ability to set permissions for their display. Thanks to this, e.g. the trainee does not bookmark the client’s details.

In Settings → Advanced Settings → Bookmarks, you can easily choose what is difficult for you and what may not be there at all. We have divided them into three logical units: The standard tab is a strip found in the file under its name. Custom bookmarks expand the basic range and you create them yourself . You can see the panels immediately after opening the case in the Overview tab.

Lawyers Program - Attorney file configuration

Further work is simple. After selecting an item in the first place, you choose in which agendas (main menu on the left) it should be visible. You can specify this even further to the preset for all or selected species, or users will turn it on manually for files. At the bottom of the form, you can separately select the roles of users who will be able to obtain information from the list of bookmarks and panels.

Detail of bookmarks in a law file


And now three more improvements for ordinary users’ work:

Extension of notifications for monitored tasks

The task tracking feature is very useful for engaging more people. Some of you have easily come across the fact that not all the important events in it were well informed. We have collected suggestions from you and included the following activities in the sending of notifications:

  • change the task name
  • priority adjustment
  • date change
  • change of deadline
  • add a document
  • change / add case
  • change / add approver

Document improvements in Evolio

We fixed minor illogicalities in the Documents tab, for example, we extended the folder names in the header with the path. Furthermore, changing the name is no longer necessary in the tiny window, which was restrictive, especially for files with a longer name, but we added a more convenient pop-up window.

Documents in electronic file

Non-skipping timeline

Opening and closing the details of some older activities (task, action, outgoing call, incoming call and SMS) on the timeline reset the expanded history to the default state, when only a few of the latest activities were visible again. As of this version, this reloading should no longer occur, so you no longer have to look for clues when browsing the file history.



That’s all for us for February this year. We believe that even these few changes have pleased you and enticed you to the next big version with new features 🙂 We will be looking forward to next time.