Over the last few months we have been deep into development work. Our goals were clear: to take Evolio further, develop enhanced features and create new tools to improve your productivity and experience. And believe us, it was no small bite. But you know – we have big plans with Evolio and we are not afraid to go for it.

If you don’t want to read the whole article we have selected the most important points:

  • New module Mail and outgoing datacards
  • User statistics on the message board
  • Authorisation to clear locked files
  • Labels in the billing
  • Importing outgoing mail from Outlook to Evolio

Redesigned Mail for improved efficiency and convenience

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is essential that we also constantly innovate our Evolio. That is why we decided, not only based on your feedback, to completely redesign and modernize the Mail module, which now meets the current needs and expectations of our users.

The redesign wasn’t just a matter of a new coat – it was much more than just a visual change. Mail has been re-programmed from the ground up, allowing us to optimize and improve its functionality. Features you know well have been enhanced and expanded to make them even more useful and intuitive. In addition, we’ve added several new enhancements to help process mail more efficiently.

New user interface

We have tried to incorporate many of your suggestions and requests in the user interface. There are now more buttons in the message detail that allow you to take quick action. Overall, the look and feel is closer to modern mail handling systems.

What’s next: New Mail is not yet final – we will be adding more features to it. This version is a starter version and is intended to allow a gradual transition from the original Post Office.

New module Mail and preview of datacards


Folders for data mailboxes

In a flood of mail, it’s handy if you can separate your messages into folders. This will allow for better sorting and management of your mail, also making it much easier to search for specific messages.

What’s next: User permissions will be available for folders in Mail in future versions. It will therefore be possible to give a user access to the data box, but only to the Courts folder, for example.


Folders at the data box


Activity history for each message

One of the most interesting innovations of this version is also the mail activity history feature, e.g. assignment or handling of mail by the user. This feature gives you an overview of the activity associated with specific messages. This reduces the risk of various mistakes and increases transparency, which will be appreciated not only by larger law firms.

Overview of activities to the advocate mail

Bulk download of attachments

The requested feature was bulk downloading of attachments. It may seem like a trivial thing, but there are clients who will happily send a large contract in an email, photographed by mobile phone, page by page. You can download all attachments from one message with one click.

Bulk download of attachments for lawyers

Bulk message operations

In the new Post Office, we are much more supportive of bulk transactions. If you check more than one message, a menu of operations you can perform on the messages will appear on the right side of the page. It is also possible to check more than one box in bulk 😉

Mass actions with mail in the law office

Introducing a new window for data messages

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we also focused on the outgoing data message window. Here, too, we have proceeded with a redesign that is in line with our modernisation and optimisation efforts. The layout of the outgoing data message window has been redesigned so that you have only the most important and most used data message data at hand.

New data message design


A step towards efficiency: Detailed view of user statistics on the dashboard

Productivity and efficiency are key to success in any practice area, whether you are a solo practitioner or a 20-person law firm. That is why we have decided to improve our Quick Overview of reported work Evolio Reported Work, so that every user can see how they are doing with their reporting.

The Dashboard now offers advanced statistics in the top right corner that relate directly to your reported work. You can see not only how much work you have reported, but also what type of work it is. You can keep track of how much work is billed, not billed and how much time you spent on vacation. We have also added a bar chart below that shows the reported work for each day of the week. This visual overview allows you to easily track your work habits and identify the days when you are most productive, which can help you plan your work better.

Detail on attorney reporting

New role for billing in locked files

When working with sensitive data in attorney files, security is paramount. We’re always trying to strike the right balance between security and accessibility to ensure you can trust Evolio, while giving the right users the information they need. As part of this effort, we have added a new option for file access permissions.

This new right allows you to view the data even for locked files for given persons in the Billing Manager. This means that even if the file is locked, the user will not be able to access the file itself, but will be able to see the reported work in Manager and create billing. With this right, we can ensure law firms that statements of work are available to those who need them without having unfettered access to sensitive information in their files.

Authority to bill the attorney

Redesigned settings for better clarity

A minor but useful change is the update of the icons of the individual parts of Evolio Settings. The icons are important because they provide a quick overview of what to expect under a given button. We duplicated a few icons before and some services have new visual displays since the last update. That’s why we focused on them in this version, and each icon has been carefully redesigned to better match its function and be easily recognizable.

Change of icons in the software for lawyers

Make your job easier with new labels in Billing

Details play a big role in working efficiently. With this in mind, we have added a new feature to our billing system – displaying the status and labels assigned to a specific file.

These labels can be found below the icon and in the blue circle in the header of the billing tab and provide a quick overview of key aspects of the file. Just hover over the icon and the information will be displayed immediately. It makes it easier to navigate through the various files without having to open them each time.

Labels in law firm billing

Importing outgoing mail from Outlook

In this release, we have also focused on strengthening our integration with Outlook using the Evolio add-in, which you can download freely from the store. We have now added the ability to import outgoing mail directly from Outlook to Evolio. This new feature allows you to easily move all outgoing mail from Outlook to Evolio, simplifying the management and archiving of email communications in your files if you don’t use our Mail. This will allow you to keep all your communications in one place.

Bringing joy to macOS users – New Synchronizer

After all your comments, we are happy to introduce our brand new MacOS Synchronizer, which we have carefully developed to create a great and, most importantly, functional tool for our users working with the MacOS operating system. This new Synchronizer is built on a modern platform that allows us to manage it faster and easier than before. Some of you have already had the opportunity to try our new macOS Synchronizer in testing, and the feedback has been very positive. We’re currently going through the App Store approval process, so you’ll all be able to download and start using it soon. In future versions it will be extended e.g. for authorized conversion so that you can work as a full Windows user.


Although it’s been a while since our last news article, it’s not because we’ve been idle. On the contrary, we have been working hard all along on a number of major modifications and innovations that we are now proud to showcase. The main one is a complete redesign of the Mail module, but the others also cost us a lot of effort. For more details and a complete list of changes in Evolio, see our detailed documentation. We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your user experience and provide new opportunities to effectively manage and monitor your work. Thank you for being with us 🙂