We have 6 nice news for you, because even during the holidays we are not slowing down with the development of Evolio and we bring you some useful improvements for your daily work that you will definitely use!

For those of you who don’t have time to read the whole article, here is a short recap:

  • It is now possible to change the type of work again (e.g. from hourly to attorney’s fee)
  • We have redesigned and improved the work entry for charging by amount
  • You can add labels to invoices and then filter by them
  • Images can be converted to PDF format
  • In Receivables Management, you can click on incoming payments to see where they have been allocated
  • Addresses (especially for borrowers) can be marked as inactive

We’ve also improved the Evolio controls in several places and tweaked a few features (more below)

Change the type of work

Finally! In previous versions we have redesigned the windows for recording reported work, but we did not manage to add the possibility to change its type, e.g. from Hourly to Amount. In the just released version, this is now possible again! You can find the function at the bottom of the window

Changing the type of work reported in law firm software

Amount accounting revised

In the transition to the new windows, the work reported by the amount is displayed in the revised window. Now you can also enter the number of pieces (in the old window you could only enter the amount).

Statement of work by amount in the program for lawyers

Improved invoice with labels and modern ISDOC format for import into accounting

Labels already routinely help users to better sort and filter files and entities. That’s why we’ve decided to allow you to add labels for invoices as well! In the header of the invoice we added a + icon next to the number to add a label to the invoice. Working with them is exactly the same as you are used to in the files. This change will be reflected not only on the invoice itself, but also in the Billing Manager, where we have extended the options for filtering issued invoices with a label item.

Possibility to differentiate invoices in the law firm with labels

Today’s digitalization is also moving in the field of accounting, so we have started to add a digital version of the invoice in the ISDOC standard, which is now accepted by most accounting systems. Your customers can load the invoice into their accounting system without unnecessary rewriting. Faster processing can also mean faster payment 😉

Invoice in ISDOC format


Images to click to PDF

The function of converting documents to PDF format is very popular and useful for Evolia users. That’s why we decided to add another similar feature to the documents, namely JPG to PDF conversion! Such PDF files are usually much better as an attachment to an email or a datacard than a JPG image.

Easily open your bill in a new window

You can also make your work easier by opening multiple billing statements in your browser in additional tabs with Evolio at the same time. In the Billing Manager, under the Issued Bills tab, the bill number is modified as an active link. This allows you to click directly on the invoice in a new window using the right mouse button or the mouse wheel, so you don’t have to go back to the Manager every time.

TIP for the experienced: notice that Evolio has started saving the status of filters to the address bar. If you click through to the billing detail and click back, you will return to the filtered list and can pick up where you left off.

Evolio deciphering - software for lawyers

Mark the address as active

Evolio has been in operation for a year now and you have started to tell us that some clients have changed residence several times in that time and you don’t want to send mail to all addresses when the entity has five and certainly not all of them are active. Especially with bulk mailings, it was a challenge. Now you have less to worry about. In the file, you click on the subject address to open its editing and you can check Inactive at the bottom.

Modification of the address of a law firm client

Do you know what financial items the payment was charged to?

In order to stay in the loop, it is good to know how the incoming payments are divided into the different financial items in the case. That’s why we’ve added the ability to look back at the exact amounts in the settlement using the new View Settlement button to the payment detail form in Finance.

Setting up payment matching according to the Instalment Plan

Pairing incoming payments according to a payment plan is nothing new in Evolio. In the new version, we have complied with your request and added an option to the Bank module to set whether or not the pairing should be done with the payment plan. You can make this choice for each linked account directly in the Bank’s settings, where you can a new column called A couple. in SK.

Payment matching settings



There are many more changes in version 2022.1.6, but we wanted to share the most useful ones with you. For more information, you can read our detailed list of changes in the documentation. Finally, we’ll mention that as usual we’re already embarking on further modifications and improvements that you suggest 🙂