The hot summer brings refreshments to Evolio users in the form of a new version. There are fewer adjustments than usual, but very interesting. Definitely watch the short videos at each change and do not avoid the land registry. If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here is a recap:

  • New integration: Monitoring the status of management proceedings at the Land registry (beta version)
  • Better formatting of emails and signatures
  • Practical improvements in the weekly work report
  • You can set the duration for the tasks
  • Ability to delete a hybrid mail letter

Monitoring the status of proceedings at the Land registry (beta version)

We managed to create another function, which you voted for in our poll on news for 2021. It is an integration with the Land registry – monitoring the state of management.

Many law firms provide services related to real estate contracts, so we have added the option to set a management brand in the file. Evolio will then notify you of changes in management and, in addition, allow you to simply click on the management page. More in the attached video 🙂



Better component for writing formatted emails and signatures

We’ve changed the text editor component which is used when creating a signature for emails. We have also used the component in the new email’s window.

Some law firms use more sophisticated signature, and they have often failed to set it on the first try in Evolio. The new text editor is much more sophisticated than the original – it takes on better formatting when copying via the clipboard and allows you to switch directly to HTML code in case of emergency.

You can also use the novelty when writing emails. It allows more formatting options and also easier insertion of images. Find out more in our video …


Improvements in the work report

In the statement of work you can find two novelties. The first one is the improvement of appearance and clarity, which you can see in the attached video.

The second change is even more interesting – we have added an inconspicuous button to each reported job, which will allow a quick click on the file. You will definitely use this button for unreported activities as well – you can easily view the file and you can e.g. check the reported work so far.



The length of the task and how to insert the image into the description

There is one small but significant change in the tasks. When setting an appointment, you can enter the length of the task, so the time is scheduled. This will soon have implications for the upcoming management reports, within which you will see how much time the user actually has scheduled, e.g. for the next week.

Lawyer Software - Task planning

The second change is new description formatting options. In addition to highlighting the text, it is mainly the possibility to easily insert a picture or a clipping that you have in the clipboard. The best way to understand this is to watch the video below.



Ability to delete a hybrid mail letter

The latest amendment will make any law firm that uses hybrid mail in the files of Evolio happy. Which is now easy to add, but whoa – until recently it could not be removed. We have fixed that now 🙂