Big version of Evolio 2022.2. brings many new features for our users. We’ve managed to work out some of the features you voted for in our annual poll. To keep you in the loop, we’ll cover the most important improvements and changes in this article. Below is a quick recap.

: Webinar held on 29. September will present an overview of the most interesting changes this year. We will send you an invitation, don’t miss it!

  • Brand new task deadline calculator
  • Find your local court on click
  • Completely redesigned Reports (to which the functionality of Evolio Power Reporting will be gradually moved)
  • Ability to approve bills
  • Option to add a list of subtasks to a task
  • Completed tasks are now offered in unreported activities
  • Resolution of multiple mailboxes for a single entity

Brand new legal time limit calculator

Deadline monitoring is a widely used feature in Evoluio. However, their calculation can often be complex, time-consuming and inaccurate. We have been helping our users to work more efficiently for a long time, so this time we have added a Deadline Calculator directly to the task! It works very simply and takes into account the starting date, the selected type of period and the unit used to calculate it.

Deadline Calculator in the Lawyers Programme

Find your local court on click

We would like to have such simple functions as often as possible in Evoluio. One click to find the court with local jurisdiction.

Locally competent court found thanks to Evolio

You didn’t miss approving the bills?

Sometimes a bill has to go through several users before it is sent to the client to avoid any errors. To make sure that the information about whether a bill is approved is not lost, we have restored the popular Approval function using the slider in the top bar of the bill. The user can view the date, time and the user who approved the billing.

Evolio - software for law firms

You can also see the approved billing clearly in the table:

Validation in the billing overview

A selection of work types when creating a bill

We have added a new form to the billing process with a selection of work types to include in the billing.

Billing - withdrawal


New right to access the Billing Manager for the user responsible for the file

The billing manager is for office management. For larger firms, there was a need to have senior lawyers review the billing of files for which they were responsible. We have prepared a new permission that will allow such users to see the Billing Manager section and only their files.

First, you must set up permissions for the role (Settings->Experienced Settings->User Roles):

Setting roles

A user with such a role is limited in some tabs and data range:

Restricted Billing Manager


Clearer task tracking

Tasks are a powerful tool for team and individual work of each user. Because of their growing importance, we decided to create an alternative view, which we named Overview. This must be configured, it is primarily intended for displaying typed tasks (e.g. Bill file, Send escrow agreement, etc.). We will be showing more of this view in an upcoming webinar.

Overview of the lawyer's tasks

Keep track of task progress by adding a list of subtasks

So far, you have been able to better specify tasks by describing them and adding comments, but progress has not been recorded anywhere. The problem is now solved, we have added the ability to create a checklist directly within each task!

List of subtasks in Evolio


Completed tasks are now offered in unreported activities

The prize for the best help with reporting is certainly won by Unreported Activities. In the new version, we have therefore enriched them with a record of tasks that you have marked as completed but may not have reported work for.

Completed task in unreported activities


Resolution of multiple mailboxes for a single entity

It is practical to provide contact details for each subject, including a data box or several. Remembering which mailbox is used for which purpose is impossible, so we have enriched the mailbox information with a Description field. You can now simply name the mailbox whatever you want and the change will be reflected directly in the subject panel.

The ability to switch between automatic and manual court selection for EPR

When creating an EPR, it is sometimes useful if the court designation can be set manually. This is the case, for example, with commercial loans, where a jurisdiction clause is typically found.


The most interesting modifications have been passed, the others focused mainly on incorporating comments from our users. We hope that you have found your favourites in this version, which will make working in Evolio more enjoyable.