We are bringing a new version Evolio , on which we worked intensively for almost two months. This time we focused on a wide range of changes that did not miss any corner of Evolio. And also thanks to you who filled in our annual questionnaire and helped us set the priorities. We started working on some of them right away and we can already present the first of your wishes!

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • We reworked the work with file acts (definitely look at video )
  • We have improved tasks (an overview is in this video )
  • Deposits (legal custody) are now linked to the bank
  • You can copy documents between files

We have completely reworked the actions / activities

In this version, we decided to straighten out the logic when working with tasks, because we saw in training that some steps are too difficult for new users. It is almost impossible to explain the changes in the short text, so we decided to make a video for you :) In it you will learn how to send documents by mail or email, statement of work, etc.

Linking bills and invoices

The PDF report of the statement now shows which invoice it belongs to and, conversely, the invoice indicates which bill is associated with. This will especially help when you print the documents and pass them on to other hands, whether it is a client or another person in the office, e.g. accountant. Invoices and bills are no longer lost to each other. For billing, the information is contained in the header, on the invoice there is a note about the billing number in the description. It is possible to edit it or add more text to it.

Linking work billing and invoicing


Overpayments return better with a fine-tuned process

For receivables, we have improved the mechanism of displaying the overpayment and its return. Over time, a situation began to arise in Evolio, where the debt was paid and the obligor also paid a little more . By a logical process, which we built in several versions, we have now reached the final form. The overview of the receivable already shows whether the amount due is settled. The user is immediately notified of any overpayment. The following steps in Evolio are easy: in Finance, the user creates outgoing payment type Refund of overpayment to the debtor . Evolio will compare these payments and deduct them from the overpayment amount. If the full amount of the overpayment has been sent, the notification will disappear and you can consider the receivable closed.

Overpayment of a receivable upon its recovery


In the Application for Insolvency and EPR, now only the items that you want

We will still stay with receivables. By default, all items are inserted into forms. However, this is not appropriate in every case, as the court may not recognize all claims and it would be a shame to make motions that are already doomed to failure. That’s why at all financial items the choice has been added Do not submit to the EPR and the Insolvency Application which can be found at the bottom of the form. Evolio will then ignore these finances when generating and you will create an application exactly tailored to your needs.

Finance for insolvency or EPR


5x better tasks thanks to Your ideas

Notice the first changes in the overview of the law file: the title of the task is extended by its description. You can learn the details without having to open the task. In the task itself, we also worked on text formatting so that what exactly you put is also saved. Different fonts, font sizes and fonts are no longer a problem, and also web links .

We’ve also redesigned the display Deadlines and Approves which, when filled in, will be displayed in the same place and will not travel to another place in the task, which will make it easier for novices in particular. The attached documents received an extension offer under three dots. You can download documents directly or check revisions – e.g. when I want to see when a colleague put something in the document. The icing on the cake is sending documents directly from the task either by email or data message.

Tasks in law practice

After a comprehensive explanation and a demonstration, we have prepared a short video for you 🙂

Open cases in a new window

You will say such a trifle, but how many times one would like to use it. We have activated a function in the file overview that offers when you right-click on the case number to open it. Either in a new tab or directly in a separate browser window.

Opening multiple files in a law firm


Deposit + Bank = the first of the wishes fulfilled

He’s first here a feature of your choice! We have connected the deposit records with our smart module of the Bank, so you no longer have to enter payments manually. You can create an account in the Bank’s settings in advance or, as you are used to, an account will be created automatically after the first payment . In the account settings, you only choose according to which parameters the payments are to be matched and you no longer have to worry about anything.

A careful user could also notice another bank logo in the picture. Yes it’s right! We added new bank with which Evolio can work – SBERBANK .

Linking deposits in advocacy software

After a comprehensive explanation and a demonstration, we have prepared a short video for you 🙂

Easier to send an email to a colleague

Sending an email to other Evolio users is easier – the whisper offers their emails in a box Whom . You do not have to create new entities or list them as contact persons of the company. Each user is now automatically registered as a person with a contact email.

Contacting a colleague via email


Copy documents between cases

It is always useful to be able to copy a document from one law file as a template to another file. These are not cases where you know that you use the document for most files. In this case, use it instead samples of documents with printing parameters . But in a smaller number of specific cases it’s a great choice. By the three dots for the selected document Dispatch document By copying it to another file . Then you just look for a case in which you want to use the file again, as simple as a slap.

Copying a document into the law file


Evolio’s administration has progressed

You no longer need to contact us to upgrade your license. If you have exceeded the license limits or want to start using the advanced features law software , in the Settings, Licenses and Billing section you choose the plan that suits you . You do not have to worry about any pressure from us, that If you contact us that we will persuade you to an oversized license …

Change of license for a law firm


… The second novelty is backup of the whole database . This means depositing all cases, entities, invoices, deposits, etc. in Evolio. For this complete backup you are entitled to free once every 6 months .

Data backup and encryption


You didn’t have time to read our last article on successfully mastering the ISO certification dealing with cyber security ? It doesn’t matter just persuade 5 minutes to the article .

That’s all for today. It was, in turn, a real burden of news and improvements, both for law firms and debt management. We have worked on almost every corner of Evolio, so everyone will find their new favorites.

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