With the summer comes a new version of Evolio, with some interesting new features in several areas. Traditionally, we’ve covered labor reporting, security, and finally the first version of real estate records is coming 🙂 Here is a brief overview of the changes:

  • We have improved the reporting of work
  • Billing can be exported to excel
  • Real estate – first version of the real estate register
  • Better rights settings for using certificates
  • Tasks – better linking to downstream workflow

Better overview of the difference between actual and billed work

You can now easily find entries in the timesheet calendar where the actual and billed time is different. You can tell because both times are displayed, with the actual time in smaller grey font. In our example the meeting preparation took 1 hour, due to the use of pre-prepared materials we will charge the client 1.5 hours.

New entry for the statement of work

A redesigned window is starting to be used for entering calendar and task statements:

Work entry in the Evolio advocacy system

Do not count towards the flat rate

When reporting to files with lump sum reporting enabled, you have the option to mark extra work by using the option Do not include in lump sum.

Not to be included in the lump sum in the lawyer's file

Link to billing

If the work has already been billed, you can see it on the statement not only by status. It is now possible to click straight into the billing. This can eliminate many confusing situations.

The statement of work has a link to the billing

Recording the exact time

Some law firms wished to record work accurately. For these, we have added a new field to the report:

Accurate work reporting

To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings -> Reporting and Billing, where you will find the Report work from – to

Setting up accurate work reporting

Billing also in Excel

It is not always convenient to have billing information in PDF format, which is not easily editable. We have had several suggestions from users that they would appreciate getting the billing information so that they can further edit it directly. We wanted to make you happy, so we have started to export the billing data to .xlsx format, i.e. Excel, in the billing details.

Excel with law firm billing

Real estate already on file

Our goal is for you to use only one system for work. With the new version, we are standardizing the real estate registration in Evolio. The real estate bookmark is really extensive from the record of the title deed itself, mortgages, easements to possible foreclosures.

At the same time, we have prepared the basics for a greater connection with the cadastral listings, the possibility of importing from XML and their history. We would greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions for further development.

Keep an eye on who is using your certificate

We have added rights to the signing certificates for their use. The places where they can be used have grown, as have the multi-user offices that have multiple certificates, so we have introduced additional security measures. Thus, you can allow only selected users to access the selected certificate and set the actions that can be performed with it in Evol.

Attorney's Signature Certificate

The postage is transferred directly to out-of-pocket expenses

Records of the cost of the shipment were previously kept only at the outgoing post office. When you wanted to file that amount in the attorney’s file as a ready expense for subsequent billing to the client, you had to copy that amount. Now Evolio will do it for you. Just open the detail of your active account in Settings→Hybrid Mail, where you can check the option to Propisit costs at the bottom. From that point on, each time a hybrid mail is sent, a finished expense will automatically be created from the file for billing.

Postage costs in the form of out-of-pocket expenses

What can the task do when completed?

Evolio now offers a great feature for experienced users when completing a task. It can respond to selected types of tasks so that when they are completed, the task is automatically opened and you never forget to report the work, write down the result, send a document by hybrid mail, etc. You can set this action directly in the new task, where you can open the dial settings with names and then just edit what action should be opened for the task (see gif below for more information). Each time you complete a task with this name, Evolio will know what task you want to continue working on.

Setting up the lawyer's task dialer

Freer payment schedule

In the classic calendar, the amount of debt was previously taken automatically from the total of finances. However, some of your processes are set up so that you determine the amount of the debt yourself, regardless of what financial items you have in the case. That’s why we’ve made it possible to adjust the amount of your current debt so that you can customize your payment schedules and have them calculate your payments exactly as you need them.

Repayment schedule for receivables


That’s it for us for now. We don’t want to be too idle during the holidays, and that’s why we want to re-release a big version packed with the new features you’ve been wanting during the hot summer days. In the meantime, you can see the full list of changes.