We weren’t idle at all in the summer, so now, we can proudly present you a brand new version of Evolio with lots of news and changes that you will definitely appreciate. Interesting adjustments mainly concern teamwork. For those who do not have time to read the whole article, we have an overview of the most important changes:

  • We have changed the look of the Evolio main menu ( video )
  • We have upgraded our work with tasks ( video )
  • Reporting according to the lawyer’s tariff has been clarified
  • Invoices can now be issued to the client ( video )
  • You can charge an advance invoice per click (make a sharp invoice)
  • Subscriptions can be created in the files ( video )
  • We have improved the EPR process and the transfer of receivables to executors


Clearer appearance and Evolio control

Evolio has been in operation for the third year, so we thought it would be good to put it in a new coat. We will gradually improve the appearance and control of the most used parts of Evolio for you in a few steps. We process adjustments based on the suggestions of our users, that we appreciate a lot

Watch a summary in a short video:

Redesigned menu and top bars

The most significant change, which you will surely notice at first glance, is the more modern look of the main menu. The main menu is now divided into three categories : My work, Agenda and Administration. This will make it easier for new users to find their way around Evolio.

You can also find the item Work Report in the menu. After clicking on this item, you will see a list of reported work for the past week in the calendar view.

Menu of the information system for law firms


Better help with interactive links

We try to make the Evolio settings as user-friendly as possible. However, you may not be sure exactly how to proceed in the Settings section. Therefore, we have added documentation links to selected sections. Here you will find both written documentation and links to our videos from the academy and webinars.

Setting up data boxes in advocacy software


Remembering filters

Our research has shown that users use file list filtering in several stable forms. The disadvantage was that the sorting and filtering did not remember. When they clicked on a specific file from the list, they lost the filtered list.

Now just click on the Back button in the browser and you will return to the filtered and sorted list of files. The selected filter is copied to the URL in the address bar, so you can easily get it save to bookmarks in browser. You no longer have to enter more complex filters over and over again, saving you valuable time.


Better display of cases in panels (kanban)

In the panel view, we added the number of files to each column. In addition, we have added filtering options, which will help better orientate yourself in the overall overview of the law firm’s agenda.

Display of panels (kanban) for law files


Easier file creation

The creation of the file is now divided into two tabs – Basic data and Other . Novices and experienced users do not have to bother with too much detail, if they do not need them for their work at that moment.

New file in software for law firms


Tasks and deadlines are 50% better

For the task section, we have focused for a long time on the task as such. With the intensive use of law firms, it has become clear that there is also a need to change the possibilities related to teamwork. And we’ve fixed a lot!

Teamwork on the Notice Board and the task section

We’ve already made the first changes on the board , where we have expanded the possibility of displaying tasks. At the beginning of the day, you can check not only your tasks, but also those that you follow or have assigned to another user.

We have also increased the clarity of information about displayed tasks – in the new version, a label is already visible in the list of tasks, and if a deadline is set for a task, it will be displayed just below the deadline. If u task with a deadline the deadline expires, the entire line turns orange. You have an immediate overview of unfulfilled tasks on time.

Stunts in software for lawyers


The entire Tasks and Calendar section also underwent similar modifications. In addition, it got a modern look. Thanks to the new look, working with the entire section is much more pleasant and clearer. Unlike the bulletin board, the preview of the task is extended by the number of attached documents and comments.


Tasks with appendices and comments in the Evolio law program

All changes are recorded in the following video. Definitely worth a look!

Click-through tasks

And now a few words about the very detail of the task. For automatic notifications from the registers (OR, InfoJednání), we have added a link that allows you to access the details on the official website.



Job reporting, billing and invoicing

Law firms stand by and fall for reporting and invoicing. In each version of Evolio, therefore, we bring improvements that lawyers will use in real practice. And now we also fulfill wishes that you voted in the poll for news for this year – we are adding invoicing to the client.

We enclose a video where you can see a sample of the news:


Easier billing of advance invoices

We have added a button to the advance invoice, which will allow you to easily bill a full invoice. The advantage is that the information about the invoiced invoice is clearly displayed, including the possibility to click on it. This gives you a better overview and reduces the risk of confusion.


Revised lawyer’s tariff

  • The algorithm used to calculate the reward of a specific action has been refined.
  • According to the selected paragraphs, the semi-outputs are set automatically.
  • When writing a report directly in the action, a window with the details of the AT report will open immediately.

Reporting according to the lawyer's tariff


File budget status directly on the tab

When you set a budget, Evolio will start to alert you in color based on reported activities to how close you are to achieving your budget. It works intuitively like a well-known traffic light: up to 89%, the percentage is colored green, from 90% to 100% orange, and when it exceeds 100%, red lights up, which gives a clear stop.

The user is notified in color about the status of budget execution.

Reporting according to the lawyer's tariff


Multiple reports in billing

We try to give you more options for billing, so it’s time to generate a PDF report. You can now print it in portrait or landscape as you prefer.

If you have interesting sample bills or invoices that you would appreciate in Evolia, we will be happy if you can send them to us via the support button or email. podpora@evolio.cz !

Accounting for the work of a lawyer

Invoices and advances to the client

In the Billing Manager, the Create invoice button has been added for issued invoices and documents. The team you create an invoice or other document independently on any file. At the same time, we have retained all the features you are used to.

Invoicing of lawyers for their clients


Superior writings

The link between the writings is here! You must have waited a long time for this gadget. You no longer have to invent groundbreaking constructions to distinguish in Evolio a situation where one file is divided into several subordinates. Now the sub-signature is created simply – when creating the file, it is enough to mark the superior file. Recognition of the hierarchy is possible from the overview of the case, it has a click above the name with the name of the parent file. On the contrary, I see a list of subscriptions in the parent file.

For a better explanation, watch the attached video to see how easy it really is:



Other goodies

Automatic logout

The protection of user accounts against misuse by a third party is important and Evolio has contributed to it with another insurance, namely automatic logout when idle. In the browser settings, you set the time for the whole company after which the user will log out if Evolio does not detect any activity.

Logging out of the information system for lawyers


Tuned logo in the email signature and smarter toolbar

In the user’s profile, we’ve changed the feature to resize the image in the signature. The size selected in the signature settings will be sent to the pixel exactly.

Definitely worth noting that list tools for text formatting you can hide using the button with the symbol AND . The bar can also respond to email enlargements, when it automatically moves to the email header.

New email in the program for law firms


Permanent annexes when transmitting receivables to executors

The latest improvement concerns the process Submit for recovery, where you can upload permanent attachments to the template as you know them from the EPR or the Insolvency Application. Therefore, it cannot happen that some of the attachments are not sent.


Is that all? 🙂

This first major upgraded version is definitely not the last this year, so you have something to look forward to by the end of this year. We are also adding a complete list of changes. If any of the news is not clear to you, do not be afraid to write to us via the support button in the lower right corner of the page. We will look at the ambiguities together and resolve them within a few minutes 🙂