List of changes:

  • Filing room – change of notification icon

– full icon – is displayed only when the appointment is set to the current day or is already past the appointment
– blank icon – displayed when there is an appointment> = tomorrow
– icon next to the case in the sheet – the event (case) must be solved today or it is over

  • Added button for creating tasks directly in the Tasks tab. Therefore, the task does not have to be linked to the file
  • The data box can now be retrieved from the AK and SP file
  • It is possible to delete individual items for billing, and a notification will be displayed when deleting the entire billing.
  • The billing also got a more logical arrangement
  • Call enabled
  • In Settings it is possible to sort users according to their own needs
  • Debt payment can be assigned to a co-debtor
  • Mail accounts – Deferred entry canceled
  • A change has been made for users, which will also be their email name.
  • Settings, in the Document Templates category – Added a function for uploading document templates

The total was in information system for law firms 91 changes made.