Module Power Reporting

Without managerial overviews, it is not possible today to manage a law firm. They work better and more efficiently with a smart interactive tool. And that's exactly what popular software with higher-level reporting and tailored to your advocacy is offered by Evolio. Exactly as you wished - more options and at the same time everything easier and clearer.

Easier to perfect order

Evolio Power Reporting is a useful tool that will satisfy even demanding customers from law firms. We tuned the sophisticated software exactly to the level of advocacy. Now it not only displays reports and statistics of data stored in Evolio, but also actively works with them.

It is designed to easily create customized customer reports in addition to the standard set. From now on, you will no longer submit to the system. Evolio Power Reporting, on the other hand, adapts to your needs. And you know what? Try it.

We manage reports with an overview

Intelligent software for the most productive management of a law firm keeps reports in tables similar to standard Excel. This is great, because it eliminates the need to learn new ways of working with reports the way our clients wanted you to.

Each report is a gateway to other possibilities: thorough filtering, exporting to Excel, grouping data by column or formatting exactly as you want and need. The report will also alert you to a user who reported a few hours or to a bankrupt client. Thanks to it, you will reliably and in time detect a problem that could somehow endanger the operation of a modern law firm.

More at once? Why not!

An interesting feature that the Evolio Power Report module also offers are actions and bulk functions. A whole set of actions can be set for each report.

For example, you will collectively generate pre-litigation summons, including sending, assign files to a new employee or change the rate in the reported work en masse. As with everything in Evolio, we will create and adapt the events exactly to the needs of each law firm, including you.

Gain a competitive advantage

Our module will provide you with the data necessary for a successful business . It will effectively help you with job reporting, controlling employees, the yield of individual cases and planning the capacity of the office.

Thanks to timely and clear information tailored to advocacy, you will reduce a number of risks and gain a significant competitive advantage .

The well-thought-out, proven and secure Evolio Power Reporting software will significantly contribute to the relaxed management of your company.

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