Security and Evolio

How we approach security, what we follow in our Privacy Policy
and what is also stated in the Terms and Conditions

Our data access philosophy

Protecting the personal and sensitive data you enter into Evolio is important to us, which is why we treat our clients' data with great care.

When you use our services, it is important to us that the processing of the information provided to you is completely understandable, transparent, accurate and that you are aware of all your rights.

Data stored in Evolio is protected by attorney-client privilege, and the storage within Evolio is understood to be the premises of our customers' practice of law.

We only use your data for the operation of your account. We have never sold them to anyone or shared them without your direct consent.

What data we collect

Evolio primarily collects the personal information you provide to us in order to provide the services we provide. It concerns your personal data or the personal data of persons registered in the framework of keeping electronic attorney files and related agendas.

We collect the following categories of personal data in connection with the performance of our legal activities: identification, address and descriptive data as well as special - sensitive data.

Who has access to the data

We respect the privacy of your data. That is why we in Evolio have implemented the so-called. Lock Box, which restricts technical support access to your Evolio instance.

Lock box

How long do we store the data

We will only process your personal data for as long as the processing is necessary under the specific contract to fulfil AVE Soft's obligations in the operation of Evolio.

We will process personal data primarily for the duration of the contractual relationship, i.e. when providing the services listed above. The method of service termination and data deletion is described below and in the Terms and Conditions.

We are ISO 27001 certified for data security

ISO 27001 (also known as CS EN 27001:2014) is an international standard for information security management systems, which is essential for information and cyber security in a company. Its introduction in AVE Soft s.r.o., the company that creates Evolio, has, however, a significant benefit for our customers as well. By taking a proactive approach to improving the security of user data in Evolio.

Thanks to the introduction of certification, at Evolio we are able to take a proactive approach to information security management, prevent potential problems, and have learned to recognize and analyze them. In our opinion, the information system for lawyers and attorneys must meet the highest standards of security in order to protect the electronic attorney file and the entire attorney agenda.

So how does it technically work

In the following sections, you will find the technologies and practices we use to protect your data.

software pro vedení spisů Evolio - lock

Encrypted data transfer

We use HTTPS encrypted communication with a certificate to ensure attorneys secure data transfer between the web browser and Evolio at the A+ security level. This means that the communication between the browser and the server is very difficult to eavesdrop on.

spis advokáta - Evolio protection

Secured data storage

Your data is stored in encrypted form in the Microsoft Azure data centre in the West Europe - Amsterdam node. Data encryption takes place in real time and via an encryption key. Each customer has its own separate database, and a hybrid cloud option is available for demanding customers.

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Data backup

Evolio performs daily rolling data backups thirty-five days in arrears and then monthly data backups. Depending on the tariff set, backups are maintained for up to twelve months after they are created. The data is backed up in encrypted form; if the backup is stolen, it cannot be read without an encryption certificate.

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Deleting data

We delete all your data after you cancel your account. The data is then kept in backups for another 45 days for possible restoration of the entire application. In the long term, we mainly keep the email conversations you have had with our support team to resolve any complaints.

What you can do on your end to protect your data

The most common cause of data leaks is not sophisticated hacker attacks, but a weakness somewhere inside your business.

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We recommend using Chrome's built-in password manager or solutions like 1Password or Lastpass.

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Update your devices regularly and don't stay logged into Evolio if you leave your computer or share it with someone else.

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Are you the only one with access to your computer and Evolio login credentials? Don't share your password with anyone and invite co-workers as additional users.