Keep the office running under control

Telework: How to control the operation of your office?

Lockdown due to coronavirus and the associated home office raises an important issue. How to control the operation of the office remotely? The answer is obvious: the basis is smart Information System. See what benefits it brings work with tasks in Evolio. In one of the previous versions, Evolio introduced a new form of tasks with a number of expanding functions, for which no system would be ashamed. Let’s see together how to work with them. Thanks to the new functions, you can do it effectively manage work and processes in your office.

We start by assigning a task

Before you start handing out tasks, you must first create a task in Evolio. Let’s start with the task header that it should have short and easy to understand title . Next, select the assigned user – Evolio will remind him of the task Notice board . You and other users have access to the task via a file.

Deadline and Priority

It is right next to the user Date task – this is the date and time when we want the task to be completed. Priority / Label allows you to mark and highlight a task. In Evolio, this is a very loose function – labels can be used not only for priorities, but also for acceptance, marking different deadlines or, for example, that a task is already being worked on.

Task tracking

A rather inconspicuous feature is the task tracking, which you will find in the right part. When you start watching a task, you receive an email notification about changes in the task and, of course, about its completion.

A new task in the electronic Evolio file

Deadline and Approves

The task in Evolio allows you to set one more date and that is Period . A deadline is a deadline – it can be a procedural deadline or an ordinary deadline.

The field is often closely related to the deadline Approves . Approving tasks is very popular in Evolio because it allows you to “pink” a task between who is processing the task and who is approving. We will show more a bit below.

Assignment of a task for a law agenda

Documents for the task

A very important function is the ability to assign to the task any document that we have in case documents . Not only does this make the user’s work easier, but it also reduces the risk of errors and misunderstandings. It also applies to documents opened from the task monitoring revisions .

Add a file to a law firm

I am done, and what’s next?

When done, simply mark the task as completed. This will make the to-do list disappear and be visible only in the file.

If a task is necessary to authorize , there will be a few extra steps. The user uses the green button Submit for approval . Comments are used a lot, which you can add to the task. The approver can then not only approve the task, but also easily return it to completion with reprimands in the comments.

When everything is in order, the approver confirms the correctness with the button authorize . Here he has the choice whether he only approves the task or passes it back to the processor once again to show that everything went smoothly.

Task in the information system for law firms Evolio


Task overview

Although users see tasks on the bulletin board and in the file, they often need a great overview of where they have everything in one place. In Evolio we find it in the menu Tasks and calendar . Notice that the last two columns display Deadline and Approves .

This is definitely not the end of the task! Next time, we’ll explain how to turn a task into a new task and why this connection is beneficial. If you can’t wait, check out a more detailed article How to work with tasks from A to Z .