Finding a document in a flood of files can be a difficult and time consuming task. In addition, we often do not know its exact name or location. But we almost always know what we will find in such a document. We atEvolio have decided to take advantage of this and have come up with a new feature that will save you time when working with your legal agenda. A full-text search finds a file using a word in the text of the document. In addition, when you enter the first three letters, we highlight the entire word found. It turned out that you will notice the whole word more easily and orient yourself in the text much faster than when highlighting three letters.

Azure document search

How do I run a search?

In the settings in the integration section, activate Microsoft Azure Search. The feature is currently only available to users with a standard license or higher. Once activated, Evolio scans the contents of all files to always know what it is looking for. This may take some time.

document search settings

You can start searching!

In the search box in the documents of the law file, enter the word that you assume is in the file you are looking for. Upon agreement, we can start searching for scanned documents. The quality of the scan depends on this search.