What does the to-do calendar offer and what is its full use?

Something other than Outlook

The to-do calendar differs in several respects from the regular calendars you know from Outlook and Google. Our goal was to adapt it more to the requirements of law firms.

  • The basic difference is that it displays tasks instead of events. You then simply see the status of the task – whether the task is completed or not. This is followed by a much broader content of own tasks, to which various files, deadlines or approvers can be assigned. Another important functionality is that the files are linked to an electronic file.
  • For better orientation, the individual tasks are distinguished by color according to importance. You can then easily distinguish a deadline from an acute task.
  • The calendar is also ready to be viewed by multiple users (see the end of this article).

In the following paragraphs, we will show you how you can work with the task calendar in the legal software Evolio.

My calendar, my tasks

In the main menu, you will find the Tasks and Calendar item. After clicking on this button, it will appear to us to-do list . If we want to look into calendar, we click on the same button. In the calendar, you can then choose the view that suits you best. You can choose from a preview by current day, work week, week or month . You can change the view as you wish, so you can customize the calendar to make it as user-friendly as possible. In the upper left corner, you can choose the exact date or period that is most important to you at the moment.


How to add and manage tasks?

To add a task, simply select the day, hour in the calendar and click on a free field in the calendar. In the displayed form, the task you name it, assign it to the file , and select the user or team that will be in charge of the task.

If you want to edit a task , assign it a due date, label or view it, simply click on it and you can make edits.

Once you’ve completed a task, you simply mark the task as completed by clicking in the gray box. This turns the whole task off, and thanks to that, you can clearly see in the calendar which tasks still need to be processed.


Faster search? Take advantage of task filtering

There is no time to waste time! Some assigned tasks would unnecessarily distract you. By filtering tasks according to your requirements, you can easily hide those tasks that you do not need to see. You will find a filter option in the panel on the left side of the calendar. What can you filter by?

  • Filter by labels – by selecting specific labels, you can easily view scheduled deadlines or meetings.

  • Filtering by users or teams – within the calendar it is possible to display tasks for different users. When one or more colleagues are checked, their calendars are displayed side by side and you can easily schedule appointments and tasks for everyone together. Tasks can be easily dragged not only in time but also between users.

If you are not sure how adding tasks and appointments to the calendar works, read the article in the documentation entitled Working with tasks from A to Z , where we have prepared more detailed information and individual steps step by step.

It’s so simple! Get started on scheduling today!