Keep your files tidy like at home

With everyday use of Evolio, your office will create countless lawyer files. Finding one of them in an endless list can seem like a superhuman act. How to search for them easier?

In the main menu in the section Lawyer files Evolio displays a list of all lawyer files. Recall that by clicking on the column header you can sort all files according to their preferences.

What’s interesting, Evolio offers two options for displaying the list of lawyer files – tabular or panel. Panel display is a system of panels / bulletin boards which allows a different view on the same data also known as Kanban . The files are divided into columns according to their condition, type of case or labels . When changing the display, you choose which tabs are visible and which are left hidden. The visibility of the cards can later be adjusted clicking on the sprocket. So it’s up to you which display you find loving the most.

Don’t look for the needle in a haystack

Using the function filtration in lawyer’s software you will narrow the selection of your files to a small group with the same features exactly as you need. Unlike a full-text search of lawyer files in the top bar, you can easily get an overview of the number of cases of the same type or with the same status.

According to which can I filter files?

The filtering options are hidden under the blue button called Filter in the upper right corner of the table. Click to expand the options bar and select the required values. If you need to find files managed by you or a colleague, use a user filter handling or corresponding for the file. You can also sort the files according to their status (eg Active or Archived), the client appearing in it, according to the type of case or labels that you set directly in the file.

file filtering in file management software

How to make it easier to find your way around the files with the help of labels?

Labels will help you create the categories of files that you are used to. It is not just for filtering itself. They carry the so-called “quick” file information that is easy for the user to notice.

Use the button to assign labels + Label next to the title of the file. The amount, type of labels and content with which you mark the files are then fully under your control. Between labels that are given in advance and cannot be used, include types of cases legal files.

file management and labeling software


If you are interested in this function, visit the documentation of extended articles. All the above-mentioned points are waiting for you in more detail. Also, don’t forget to read the news section, of which there are many in the past period and others are being worked on hard.