What is the cloud? What does he have to do with Evolus?

The cloud refers to a network of interconnected remote servers located in data centres around the world that are used to store and manage data, run applications or deliver content and services.

And now the answer to the second question. The Evolio information system is classified as a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which is a model for renting software applications operated in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Our experience with the cloud

AVE Soft s.r.o., the company behind the development of the Evolio attorney software, has been operating in the cloud for 10 years and was a finalist in the 14th Evolio Cloud Awards in 2012. Microsoft Award – the competition for the best implementation of IT solutions for customers in the category of Microsoft public cloud services. So we were the first cloud-based system for law firms in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of cloud-based law firms

Using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform ensures maximum security due to compliance with a range of standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2. Other benefits include updates and support, as well as access to Evolia via the internet from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere. In the case of the public cloud, investments in servers and the costs of maintenance and backup are eliminated.


What types of cloud can you use with Evolio?

The customer can choose from two options:

  • Public cloud – They are owned and operated by external cloud service providers who deliver their computing services (servers and storage) over the Internet. This is also where the standard version of Evolio belongs.
  • Hybrid cloud – A combination of a private cloud (your own database) with a public cloud that allows you to share data and applications between them. As part of the ELITE premium license , your office also has the option of running the system in a hybrid cloud.

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Where is the data located and how is it secured?

The data itself is encrypted in real time via an encryption key and is stored in the Microsoft Azure data centre in Amsterdam. Each customer has its own separate database. For the demanding, the option of running the system in a hybrid cloud is also available. Want to read more about Evolio security? We have dedicated a page on our website to this topic, just click through. Among other things, you will find some tips from us on how you can help protect your data.


ISO 27001

In one of the previous articles you could read that we have defended our information security certification. We have been going through the ISO audit process since 2021. The standard is based on the principle of risk management, which means that as an organisation we must be able to identify and assess security risks and take measures to minimise these risks. If you want to learn more about this certification – e.g. what benefits this has for our customers or what the audit covered, read the article for all the important information.


More users and more data

The number of all tracked actions, which include everything from logging in to creating a file or document to viewing a file, is constantly growing in Evolio.The figure below shows their evolution from the beginning of 2019 until the end of 2022.