On the one hand, the year 2021 was full of confusion related to the coronavirus epidemic, on the other hand, it meant a huge leap forward for us.. It could be said that it was a turning point for Evolio.

Henry Ford said that being prepared is the most important prerequisite for success. And that was us in 2021. Find out what we did and what we are most proud of.

For those of you who do not have time to read the full article, we have a brief list:

  • Evolio received the Top Legal Tech 2021 award
  • Safety comes first: the introduction of the 27001 certification
  • The benefits of Evolio are appreciated more and more by the customer
  • Entering into a partnership with the Právo21 portal
  • A team strengthened by other skilled experts
  • Other new features that make Evolio better
  • And what are we most proud of in Evolio?

Evolio received the Top Legal Tech 2021 award

Our work has gained the attention of the CIOApplication portal, which ranked Evolio among the best tools for attorneys in 2021. The website highlighted the benefits of our system on a European scale, which we are rightly proud of.

You can read the whole article here>>

Top Legal Tech Award 2021

Safety comes first: the introduction of the 27001 certification

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems ,ISO 27001 system for Evolio lawyers which is essential for information and cyber security in the company. We consider the introduction of certification to be a proactive approach to increasing the security of user data in the Evolio application. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that their data and personal data are perfectly protected at Evolio.

Find out in the article what benefits ISO 27001 has for customers>>


Benefits More and more customers appreciate Evolio

Every customer is of great value to us. And when their number at the end of 2021 grew to 250, it made us very happy. It is proof that we are moving the application in the right direction.

Entering into a partnership with the Právo21 portal

The non-profit organization Právo21 makes law clearer . Evolio - partnership with the Právo21 portalIt brings it to lawyers and non-lawyers through its portal full of valuable information. This
We really like the idea, which is why we decided to support it with a partnership and a financial contribution.

Learn more about the partnership here>>


A team strengthened by other skilled experts

As the number of customers increased, more colleagues joined the team. In 2021, our team became richer by 5 people who specialize in development, client care as well as marketing and administration. It is worth mentioning the great reinforcement, Jiří Urbánek, who took on the position of COO. For the year 2022, we are ready to fly in full force.


Other new features that make Evolio better

This is proof that Evolio is still evolving. We’ve added a number of useful features that make work more enjoyable and easy for users.


December 2021: Authorized conversions in one click

The conversion itself takes place directly in the documents of the file. You can choose from the conversion of paper to electronic, and vice versa from electronic to paper.

Evolio - Integration - Authorized conversion

Managerial reports on reported work

The billing manager has been expanded with the Overview tab, which brings delicacy to all who want more information about reporting work in their team. Here you will find a list of users with a monthly or weekly overview of reported hours.

In addition, other functions such as:

  • A more modern look of the law file.
  • Accounting for work under the heading of several lawyers in one Evolio.
  • New options for billing and invoice print reports.
  • Reporting leave and various absences in the office.

More about these and other new features>>


September 2021: Labor reporting, billing and invoicing

We were not idle during the summer holidays. Therefore, additional features have been added in the new version of the application. Interesting adjustments mainly concern teamwork. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • We have changed the look of the Evolio main menu.
  • We have upgraded the task.
  • Reporting according to the lawyer’s tariff has been clarified.
  • Invoices can now be issued to the client.
  • You can bill a down payment invoice (click a sharp invoice).
  • Signatures can be created in files.
  • We have improved the EPR process and the transfer of receivables to executors.

Details of the features can be found here>>


July 2021: Connection with the Real Estate Cadastre

Evolio will not stop developing. Other features have improved Evolio:

  • New integration: Monitoring the state of management of the Real Estate Cadastre (beta version).
  • Better formatting of emails and signatures.
  • Practical improvements in the weekly work report.
  • You can set the duration for the tasks.
  • Option to delete a hybrid mail letter.

Discover all the features in more detail>>

Software for law firms Evolio - integration - Monitoring of proceedings in the real estate cadastre


June 2021: Evolio June Update

We’re going, we’re not stopping. Another enhancement package came with, for example:

  • User license resolution.
  • Date dragged into the file.
  • Invoice for non-VAT payers.
  • Limit tariff amounts for the decree.
  • And more…

You can find out about all the news here>>


May 2021: Adjustments that clients themselves wanted

We are intensively on these adjustments throughout the year. Thanks to the users who completed our annual questionnaire, we were able to set the right priorities:

  • We reworked the work with file operations.
  • We have improved the tasks.
  • They linked the deposits (legal custody) with the bank.
  • You can copy documents between files.
  • And more…

View changes in the middle of the year>>


February 2021: New technologies in the heart of Evolio

The February version focused mainly on the internal structure of Evolia. However, there were also several interesting improvements, such as:

  • Document backup.
  • Mail Enhancements (Registry).
  • Invoice number editing.
  • Creating a data message from the ZFO
  • And more…

All news in the first version of 2021>>

And what are we most proud of in Evolia?

Evolio is still evolving and is not lagging behind. All the successes of 2021 are not only ours, but also our 250 customers. They drive us forward. We want you and Evolio to always work well and earn you more 🙂