The year 2020 was challenging for most independent lawyers and law firms. Without preparation, they had to respond to a number of pandemic situations. Whether it’s maintaining cash flow or managing work from home. We therefore tried to support them and expand Evolio according to their current needs. We have also shared experience with online video conferencing and other tools from the beginning.

Perhaps that is why we have managed to reach a milestone this year, which we would like to share with you. Evolio in fact is regularly already used by over 150 lawyers and law firms . We really appreciate it and hope to celebrate the 200th in a moment!

What our users say

We recently received a very nice message that improved our day in the morning and we decided to share it with you:

“First of all, I’m grateful that the free version is not limited in time, moreover, it’s absolutely perfect! I consider myself a user in this area of registration and work system demanding. Your program is fully adequate and fantastically intuitive. I’m an independent lawyer and again Enthusiastic, the way you work in your program is a helper who has high hopes of being a permanent helper (so it seems to me that he doesn’t stop having fun and entering is simple and unpretentious)! Thank you very much! “

Lawyer Mgr. Martina Šotková, LL.M.

How it all began

In 2017, Lucie Radkovičová from NEXT LEGAL wrote helps lawyers build an office in business , a very clever article comparing advocacy software. This inspired us to create a brand new generation of Evolio, which we launched at the beginning of 2019. It was worth building on, because Evolio has had a rich history since 2004when it began to develop first for debt management and enforcement authorities.

Love your user

Over the years of development, we have understood that a successful information system must focus its users. According to what they need, Evolio is constantly improving . We are not interested in bombastic marketing slogans, but we are interested in the satisfaction of the average user. And we are preparing a number of useful news for next year 🙂

Growth in the number of monitored Evolio events in 2020

Traffic at Evolio increased almost tenfold during the year, which is why we continuously optimized Evolio and strengthened performance in the cloud.

System for law firms


One word: Thanks!

All these changes and improvements would not have happened without all of you! We really appreciate your favor and we hope that there will be more and more satisfied lawyers and law firms in the future. We value each of you and we believe that together we will grow. Be there with us! Be Evolio too!

Evolio lawyer software is already used by 150 law firms