We publish the first results from our questionnaire for the year 2022. The questionnaire contained several sections, the contents of which we will gradually introduce to you. In this article, we will look at the part in which our users evaluated Evolio and its benefits. We would like to thank all those who took part in the survey once again, and now let’s see how it all turned out.

Wondering how Covid Law Firms handled? You can read the article on this part of the questionnaire on the Právo21 page , of which we have been proud partners for a year.

Our users come first

Our customer support received a fantastic rating from you, exactly 4.74 *. This is how we defended our evaluation from last year . We believe that online chat has contributed greatly to this, as communication does not take several days, but we are able to close the request within a few hours.

You also evaluated very positively not only the webinars we have been preparing for you for the second year in a row, but also our detailed documentation, YouTube videos and the speed of Evolio’s response.

results of the user support survey

Taming the law agenda

We were the first to ask what your experience was with using Evolio and what made it easier for you to work.

  • Almost 75% of the offices that took part in the survey have more control over the work agenda and also gained a greater overview of work reports .
  • Evolio helped save unnecessary work at 65% of offices.
  • More than half of the offices and lawyers were able to report more work, which had a positive effect on the income of 42% of offices.
  • You asked for a half vote on whether Evolio helped you manage the team. Offices of up to four people also answered the question, where this need is not so significant and not all the tools that Evolio offers apply.

2022 Evolio user evaluation questionnaire

Use of helpers who are not visible at first glance

We wondered if you were using a whisperer of unreported work. We call him the “Unreported Activities” assistant, who monitors the activities performed in Evolio and then reminds users to write a work report. It is used only by some users, which is a great pity, because those who work with it evaluate it very positively.

So if you don’t know or use Unreported Activities yet, try giving them a chance to show up .

Result of unreported activities for the labour statementAutomation module , used to eliminate routine work in the law firm, standardize processes and monitor deadlines. This module is only available in higher license packages (PLUS and above). Its functions and possibilities are gradually expanding. This year it received a nice rating of 3.5 stars.

Automation works on the principle of composing scenarios, just like the Integromat platform, it only works within Evolio. Take a closer look at what it looks like and works .

Evaluating the automation module in EvolioAs mentioned above, Automation operates primarily within Evolio, but we do not forget about the connection with the outside world. Integration with Integromat and Zapier is used for this. Some of you may not know what these tools are for and what their application is. In short, these are integration platforms that interconnect various applications and transfer data between them. So you can connect Evolio with a variety of other applications such as various cloud storage, office services and much more.

You can use both platforms since the TEAM license and are usually used by law firms – advocates in the field of advocacy. You rate the benefits of these integrations with the maximum number of stars possible . Users who use this functionality are very satisfied with it. The announcement of the connection with these applications could easily fit you, so this year we will show you better what they can do.

interrogating connections to integration platforms

And what about Evolio himself?

We rely on transparency and thus bring an open view of which functions our users are satisfied with and where I have reservations so far. Each area with fewer stars is a challenge for us to improve :).

In the first category – Working with Evolio , the work with the law file was best evaluated. It is followed by work with data cards and the Fileable Office in general. Tasks, emails and a calendar were placed in the second half of the table. We know about their weaknesses and we want to pay more attention to them this year so that they correspond more to your ideas.

evaluation of work with the information system for law firms Evolio
Reporting and everything around

We dedicated a separate category to work reporting and subsequent work with reports. They have received more than half of the positive reviews from you. We know how important every minute reporting is in the practice of lawyers, so we will definitely improve and optimize reporting.

2022 questionnaire on reporting

What else did you tell us?

At the end of the survey, you had the opportunity to tell us anything that could not be expressed simply in numbers. Some of the reports contained interesting suggestions for improving Evolio, for which we thank you very much. We have all of them registered and we will gradually evaluate them. Here are some of your messages (the questionnaire was anonymous, so we don’t know the names and therefore they are not listed):

“I’m not making the most of Evolio’s features so far, but I’m as happy as Evolio was with the previous software.”

“We’ve seen a really big step forward while using Evolio. Thank you, good work. Just keep going. ( a little more acceleration would be very user-friendly). “

That’s all there is to the results. It was slightly tedious, on the other hand very useful, not only for us, as the creator of the system, but you could also think during the questionnaire how your office works and what to improve in it. See you again next year for another survey!