We have obtained certification ISO 27001. What does it mean for our customers?

ISO 27001 system for Evolio lawyers

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems, which is essential for informationand cyber security in the company. It’s implementationalso has a significant benefit for our customers. Which they are?

According to the general approach, it is no longer possible or appropriate to provide information security and maintain the continuity of service provision by the mere adoption of technical measures. In addition, the company should have an information security management system, which includes audits and preventive measures. The information security management system ensures the integrity and accuracy of information assets and protects confidentiality of the information.

That’s why we at AVE Soft (the creators of Evolio) spent more than 8 months implementing this standard and switched to a higher security system called ISO 27001 (also known as BS EN 27001: 2014).

ISO 27001 as a proactive approach to increase of user’s data security in the Evolio app

The aim of introducing certification was for us to be proactive in the management of information security in Evolio,to prevent potential problems, and to learn to recognize and analyze them. In our opinion,the information system for lawyers and advocates must meet the highest standards of security in order to protect the electronic law file and the entire law agenda.

For our customers it means, that:

  • We eliminate potenciallosses, theft or damage of the data.
  • We fully comply with the requirements associated with laws such as GDPR.
  • We guaranteeprotection of confidentiality of the information.
  • We followthe highest standards of information security.
  • We reduce the disruption of critical processes and financial losses associated with data leakage.
Thanks to certification ISO 27001 you can be sure, that with Evolio, your personal and valuable data are protected at all times.