For the third time we have managed to secure ISO 27001 certification. So what does that mean?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security that specifies requirements for information security management. This standard describes an approach to information security in an organisation, including its management, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and improvement.

The standard is based on the risk management principlewhich means that as an organisation we must be able to identify and assess security risks and take measures to minimise these risks. The standard covers many areas such as physical security, access management, encryption, data backup, security policies, incident management planning and much more. For AVE Soft, the creator of Evolio, data protection is absolutely crucial for the information and cyber security of our clients.

“In this year’s surveillance audit, we passed with flying colours. We have confirmed the legitimacy and validity of the certificate, which certifies our information security management system as of 6 April 2021, and have thus sent an important signal to our customers, for whom information security is as important as for us,” said Ing. Jiří Urbánek, Chief Operating Officer of AVE Soft, s. r. o.

What are the benefits for our customers?

  • we operate in accordance with GDPR
  • we reduce the possibility of data loss, theft or theft
  • we meet the highest standards of information security
  • we guarantee the protection of confidentiality of information
  • we are prepared to act if there is a potential security risk

What did the audit cover?

The audit focused on the changes and shifts in AVE Soft in the past year, the settlement of findings and recommendations from the previous year, the evaluation of the fulfilment of the set objectives in the field of information security and the setting of new objectives and plans for their achievement for the following period. Our company’s ability to meet the requirements of legislation, risk analysis and management, operational and human resources safety, access control, safety of system development and maintenance was tested
and contract management. Great attention was also paid to incident management and continuity management and setting up processes for continuous improvement of information security management.


AVE Soft ISO 27001 for Evolio