At the beginning of this month, we took another significant step in our journey and moved a few hundred meters from the campus of VŠB-TUO to the heart of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC). While at first glance this move may seem small, it represents an interesting milestone for us.


MSIC is not just a modern office space. It’s a place where innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. By moving here, we gain access to a facility full of experts and opportunities for further growth. It’s a place where we can develop our ideas, collaborate with other innovative companies and benefit from the wealth of experience that MSIC offers.

MSIC piano building

Still close to the talent

Although we have left the campus of VŠB-TUO, we remain in close proximity. Why? Because we believe in the potential and talent that VŠB produces every year. Our proximity to her allows us to work more effectively with promising students, provide internships and open doors for new talent to join our team.

What does this mean for us?

This move is not just a change of address for us. It’s a new chapter in our story. It’s an opportunity for growth, for innovation and to strengthen our ties with other companies in the community. We look forward to the opportunities ahead and what the future holds. We are convinced that MSIC is the ideal place for our ambitions to grow further (not only) with Evolie!

And because we are always open to communication and collaboration, if you are interested in stopping by to see our new space and discuss anything you are interested in, we would love to have you visit us. Our doors are always open for you.