The summer months usually encourage relaxation and relaxation. But this does not apply to us! We have prepared a novelty for you during the holidays, which will please all users who are interested in learning about Evolio as much as possible. You will find it in the lower right corner of your screen. This is a support button with online chat and help.

Open a window with Intercom

Help at the beginning of the journey

For new users, this support button will offer a helping hand with the basic settings law software and the progress of work. This help also contains articles from the documentation, and if the selected article did not answer all the questions, there is an opportunity to write to us immediately and we will explain everything together.

We listen to you, so write to us!

Experienced users no longer need much advice, but have other problems. They can find a mistake that bothers them at work or, on the contrary, they want a new function that will make their lives more pleasant. All you have to do is open an online chat directly in Evolio and describe your situation to us. If it is a complex analysis, it is possible to arrange an online call date, when you will have our online calendar with free hours. This is the next step in caring for our customers so that we understand each other and take Evolio to the next level.

asking a query

Direct access to help

But let’s face it, everyone sometimes forgets something or isn’t quite sure. Evolia help and documentation consists of 180 articles, which you can access in the section Find your answer now . Enter what you are interested in and a smart search will find articles that most closely match the search phrase.

Smarter than it seems

But we can also empathize with your needs, so on some sites, there are already pre-selected articles in which you will find the most frequently asked questions. And the button Ask for help , you can arrange an online meeting, which we highly recommend at the beginning!

make an appointment


With this smart support button, we are launching a new era of communication. We want to be with Evolio is a key part of your law firm and therefore it is useful to have contact with us at your fingertips (in this case, one click).

And when are we online for you?

In the support button you can communicate with us especially during standard working hours. For example, if you have a question in the evening, don’t be afraid to ask. When a colleague is online, he will answer and if not, you will receive an answer the next day in an email 🙂