Over the next four weeks, there will be a major change in Evolio’s security. Gradually, the individual parts of the system will be switched so that it does not restrict the user in normal work.

We care about the protection of your data. We know that security in the online space is the number one topic and we still need to work on it. Any hesitation gives the wrong people the opportunity to access sensitive data. For this reason, we are moving to a new version of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which increases the security of ours software for law firms .

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OAuth 2.0, what is it?

The OAuth standard is intended for secure delegation of user access. The goal is to provide secure authentication and authorization compared to the API of various services – from practice you certainly know the possibility to log in to various applications by Facebook or Google. OAuth is used by large international companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter or LinkedIn. It allows you to share user data and identities without users having to reveal their password to anyone else.


What benefits does it bring you?

Thanks to the transition to OAuth 2.0, which is used in all large companies, it opens up the potential for new functions in Evolio, which were not previously possible in terms of protection of data transferred between systems.

One example for all. We have prepared for you a login with an account from Google and Microsoft. You will no longer have to create a new account for Evolio. You will log in with your main account, which you use for all business matters. Another advantage is that when an employee leaves, you can easily cancel Evolio’s access with access to the main account.


When do we start it?

The transition will take place over the complete infrastructure of Evolio , which is really extensive. For this reason, we will proceed in phases that last approximately 3 to 4 weeks, all during operation.

If you notice any unusual behavior in Evolio, write to us immediately via the support button in the lower right corner.

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More about your data

As part of this transition to the new OAuth 2.0 standard, we have created a brand new page for you, describing the way we handle the provided data, which is aptly named Data security .


Our next steps

This fall will be richer in news more than usual. The really big and groundbreaking ones are already running in test mode and we are fine-tuning the last details so that they can be announced and launched to our users as soon as possible. Believe that you have something to look forward to!